The importance of feeder

Feeder as a gold processing equipment in a non- missing link , occupies a very important position in gold production. Although it is not like crusher, mill , as compared with the talent, but the lack of such a delivery , contact the troops, had lost the full range of combat .

What do feeder

Feeder in the production process can be massive, granular materials from silos in uniform , regular , continuous to go to the affected device can be continuously fed evenly crushing machinery in the gold processing production line materials , and materials for coarse screening . During vibration feeder is uniform cutting, to the advantage of a uniform material , the vibration motor according to the control frequency ( AC motors are generally used to perform frequency ) to control the cutting size.Cement Production Line Machinery

Prior to feeding the primary crushing machine configuration device, while continuously conveying bulk materials uniformly removing material in the soil , impurities, to the control quantity, so that subsequent crushing , screening processing capacity of the production line to match the gold ore beneficiation complete sets of production lines necessary equipment , with structural stress , impact , abrasion and other characteristics.

Feeder works: The machine consists of a rotatable disc , guide sleeve and the blade materials and other components . Material inside the silo through the guide sleeve material deposited on the liner wear inlaid disc , the disc rotates, the material is scraped scraper feed . Adjust the position of the blade or the level of the guide sleeve material can be changed to the feeding amount . Disc diameter is generally three meters below the speed does not exceed 10 rev / min . Disc feeder smooth and reliable operation , adjusted to the quantity is more convenient , less energy consumption , but the structure is more cumbersome for smaller sticky powder and granular materials.XZM Series Ultrafine Mill

Note vibrating feeder

Feeder such as for ingredients, when dosing , in order to ensure a uniform and stable feeding , to prevent the material gravity should be installed horizontally , general materials such as continuous feeding , you can tilt 10 degrees under installation . For viscous materials and larger water content materials can install under 15 degrees , after the installation of the feeder swimming gap of 20mm should be left lateral should be level, suspension device using flexible connections .Cement Production Line Machinery

Our simple feeder structure, smooth vibrating , reliable operation , long life, stable and easy to adjust , easy maintenance. We can according to different requirements of customers with a variety of gold beneficiation process , improve mineral grade and recovery . Gold has many years of experience as a research and development production of large mineral processing equipment manufacturer, supply different models, functional processing equipment , customers can design all kinds of beneficiation processes. Finishing, high material, each one screw from the start , bit by bit into see quality.

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