The Laptop Repairing

There are some of the common problems regarding laptop and there possible solutions that will probably help you out. PROBLEM: There is no image on the screen at all, not even a very dim image. The fan works but nothing starts else than fan. POSSIBLE SOLUTION: The problem could be due to memory failure. It might be possible that memory modules failed and the laptop doesn’t turn on. By facing this problem, you can try to reset memory modules. PROBLEM: Laptop makes different noises.POSSIBLE SOLUTION: The laptop turns on and works accurately, except it makes some constant strange type of noises. Usually this noise is from hard drive or cooling fan. You can turn on the laptop, waiting for the noise to come and listen closely on the bottom of the laptop. If the laptop starts to make noise after cooling fan starts running, probably you have a failing fan.

Replace it.If the laptop starts making noise before the fan spinning, most probably it’s coming from the hard drive. Be careful, and make back up for your data, hard drive can fail anytime.Just replace it. PROBLEM: The laptop battery does not charge properly. It’s not charging at all or charges after adjusting the position of AC adapter plug. POSSIBLE SOLUTION:If the battery does not charge completely, remove the battery and try to run the laptop from AC adapter. If the laptop seems to be fine from AC adapter but doesn’t charge the battery, probably it’s moreover bad battery or motherboard problem. Replace the battery first. PROBLEM: Laptop starts accurately but after some time the screen light turns off. The image still appears on the screen but there is no appearing light.POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Probably, it is the screen back light lamp (CCFL) failure. In order to get rid that kind of failure efficiently, you’ll have some spare parts.

It might be new working inverter or good back light lamp. PROBLEM: Some keyboard keys type wrong characters or do not work at all.POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Probably it is the keyboard failure. Laptop keyboards are not repairable. Just replace the keyboard. PROBLEM: A key got separated from the keyboard.POSSIBLE SOLUTION:If a key got out from the keyboard, it’s still possible to fix it without replacing the whole keyboard, if the key hinges didn’t damage. But if you have many keys missing, its better to replace the whole keyboard. PROBLEM: Something spilled on the laptop and it stopped working.POSSIBLE SOLUTION:It is among one of the most common problem. Liquid spills are very dangerous and random. If something like this happened, turn off the laptop quickly, remove the battery and stop using it until all internal parts are inspected for liquid damage.After you clean the damage, its still possible that your laptop starts working.

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