The Latest Generation of Quantum, The LTO Ultrium 5 Backup Tape

Backup technology is something that all businesses require in the world of today. The possibilities of viruses getting into a computer via offline and online networks are numerous. Despite the fact that a number of anti-virus and anti-spyware softwares are available, the databases of many businesses are at risk of getting affected. The problem is simply this: the software of any computer would be first to get affected by viruses and hackers because this is what is targeted by hackers and viruses since the important data, information and documents are all stored here. It is very easy for hackers to attack the software and retrieve important information. Though the ability to use online and offline networks is one method that is employed, hackers also know how to use legal methods for illegal purposes which is what makes matters worse!

This is why backup technology is something that businesses must consider and many have invested in backup technology in order to save important data on to these in case of a disaster, viruses or hackers trying to affect the database of their systems. So, if anything of the sort does happen, at least the data would be saved in the backup technology device and can be used later on. Many companies have come up with impressive devices and machines and one such company is Quantum. It’s latest LTO tape- the LTO 5, is one of the company’s most recent developments and its features are quite suitable for companies of all sizes. Not only are these tapes affordable but they have a long archival life (of approximately 30 years) too. In addition to this, they have a compressed storage capacity of 3.0 TB giving companies sufficient storage capacity that would enable them to save vital information in these tapes.

The Quantum ultrium5 system has backward compatibility which means information saved in previous generations of the LTO tapes can be over-written and stored in these tapes instead. Additional storage capacity is provided by the Quantum LTO5 tapedrive which has a compressed storage capacity of 3 TB and it consumes less power resulting in lower power costs. This is why this tapedrive is the most popular tapedrive out of all five generations. Though some businesses may find this a bit costly, it would help save up on costs in the long run by bring the power costs down! It has a fast compressed data transferred rate of 1008 GB/hour.

There is no reason for companies to not invest in the Quantum MR-L5MQN-01, ultrium 5 cartrige and tapedrive. These would help increase storage capacity and ensure that important data is secure and well-protected. Even if important information is lost from the database of a business’ computer, the tapedrive and LTO5 tapes would provide ample storage capacity. Backward compatibility means not having to store all the data on the new tape all over again. Overall this would be an amazing investment which would save or even reduce costs in the future, too.

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