The Medium Sized Organizations With Small Storage Space Can Count on HP LTO5 Ultrium Tape

HP is an IT company which has contributed a lot to world of technology and communication. They have a vast range of products- laptops, desktops, servers, data backup technology and many more. Backup technology is something all businesses must (and do) invest in. No computer or laptop is safe considering the dangers that these are prone to due to cybercrime and hardware failure. All businesses and people use the internet in order to interact with one another. The problem with the use of the internet is that once a computer/laptop is exposed to cyberspace, viruses can enter into them via online and offline networks.

Now you may be thinking of the advantages of installing anti-virus software because that’s what they are meant to do, right? Protect your computer from viruses? While that is true, there are many issues with those who think anti-virus softwares would be more than enough to protect their computers. The problem with anti-virus software is that they do not protect all viruses from attacking your computer’s software or database. Anti-viruses are made to protect computers against viruses that are already known to exist. Also, no one is ever aware of a virus attacking their software until the computer is seriously affected by them and by that time it is way too late to be able to do anything about the virus as they may render the computer useless. So would it not be better if you baked up important information before any disaster of this type occurs?

This is why backup technology is important- it would help you keep vital data safe. The HP LTO5 tape is an example of such technology, developed for midrange servers. It comes with a colossal amount of storage capacity (3 TB of compressed data and 1.5 TB native data) which would enable you to save huge documents and files on to the tape. This way you could save quite a lot of space on your desktop/laptop as well and you may extract information only when and if required.

Since the tapes are light, you can always store them in a safe, storage room or at home if you are afraid of the possibility of someone using the information stored on them for their own use. If you need to use data on it elsewhere, you can carry them because they are compact and can be carried anywhere you want to take them.

The system also offer backward read/write capabilities so any information stored on previous versions of the LTO tapes can be read, overwritten and saved on the LTO5.

The LTO5 solution comes with WORM (Write Once, Read Many) capabilities. So, any data saved on the LTO5 would be stored in their original form. This way you would be able to extract these documents despite deliberate or unintentional erasure.

In addition to this, LTO ultrium 5 comes with AES 256 encryption which secures information with additional security. So the data sets can be placed at and away from the I.T center.

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