The most appropriate competition tactic for safe metabolism boosters is to prove its effect

The most appropriate competition tactic for safe metabolism boosters is to prove its effect.   OTC as a special category, with its own important characteristics: (1) access channels: the drugs must be approved by a professional physician’s prescription in the hospital pharmacy or community pharmacy to receive, and under the guidance of medical staff;
Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Laboratories Limited (Abbott Laboratories) is introduced is a broad-based pharmaceutical and healthcare products company, in 1888 by the founder of Wallace C. AbboR, MD, founded in Chicago, USA, it found that the development, manufacture and marketing of products and services across the area of health, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and healing. As company in the wodd, Abbott Laboratoriesisa famous pharmaceutical want to launch Reductil in China, which weight loss drug that is firstly approved by FDA because ofthe assured curative effect. Like almost every industry in China, the weight loss medication treatment supplements in the market is market. highly competitive.
In Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places the re-launch the product, whether to proceed with a national promotion and the sales situation, the original intention of this project. 1.3 the concept of obesity and its hazards of obesity is a chronic disease of the excessive accumulation of fat in a physical as well as a threat to health, the World Health Organization (WHO ) was officially announced that obesity is a disease of high prevalence of obesity in the United States, and rising over the past 10 years, the total incidence rate increased from 25% to 33%, an increase of 1/3 in 1999. It engenders a great potential safe Fruta Planta Weight Loss Reviews treatment market.
But in Asia there is a new problem, namely the problem of obesity in the level of a lower BMI than Westerners related diseases which may be deposited in the abdomen caused by the Asian fat, so the 2000 WHO specifically for the Asian developed a new obesity diagnostic criteria (Table 2). table an Asian adult BMI criteria and related disease risk classification weight is too low normal range, overweight in BMI (kg/m2) <18.5-related disease risk is low (but risk of other diseases increase) increase in average 18.5 ~~ 22.9 ≥ 23 with mild obesity, severe obesity 25 ~~ 29.9 ≥ 30 moderate increase significantly increase. Like almost every industry in China, safe 2 day diet is also having mass production.  Further market investigation show that the target consumers of safe 2 day diet are the office ladies. So the pricing of drugs is often reflects this characteristic, if a drug for the treatment of certain types of diseases is unique, pricing will be high for such drugs, the upper limit is generally the highest purchasing power of the pharmaceutical manufacturers hope people buy: the presence of a competitive product , the situation will change, because the efficacy of the price of competing products, to a certain extent, this time we must consider when pricing competition results, according to their own strengths and weaknesses of competitive products to select the right price.

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