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Quality ─ ─ after 30 minutes to 1 hour with a cup of strong black coffee with sugar, milk), caffeine helps digestion after the meal, promote adipose combustion; Might as well when work to a cup of black coffee, cooperate on foot. Generally every day 4 cup is the ideal weight loss quantity, but note: excessive will affect health and sleep. Fruita Planta can can depress your appetite and burn your fat. 2 Day Diet pills really works well on losing weight.
Sports ─ ─ after dinner drink a cup of coffee, combined with some simple exercise, such as quick walk 10-15 minutes, refused to take the elevator of the stairs to the office, sitting in a chair, DianJiao torsional upper body, these movements were can help you to digest just feeding calories.
4. Massage ─ ─ with boiled coffee grounds massage can make skin smooth, still can tighten skin. In the easy adipose corner place, such as the lower abdomen, thighs, the waist to coffee grounds allocate coffee liquid, toward the heart region massage, can achieve the effect of breaks down fat, into the bath massage more effective. coffee thin body 4 gist
The shallow degrees ─ ─ the most effective baking temperature of roasting coffee beans can affect the amount of caffeine, temperature, and more than 178 ° C, caffeine is completely dissolved out, so although rich, but the amount of caffeine is very few however. If you want to lose weight, should choose flavour is weak American coffee.
Hot ─ ─ better drink hot coffee body slightly fever, then caffeine consumption makes the body has set up a file in heat, compared the effect of the ice coffee is not as good as hot.
Instant product of lower ─ ─ not convenient his coffee and had to use instant product, but coffee grounds thin body is instant product unable to do so. Fat pressure may be more big, all kinds of vicious circle! The following are nine little coup, let OL people away from the stress model fat! apple cider vinegar diet is the best way for us to lose weight.

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