The physical constitution of every other day diet users

Morning with my dad to send mother to work, then the Fuxingmen Avenue from the mother unit went to Wangfujing. on foot to go shopping mo·re than a month since this section of the road, I do not remember to go many times, I am now wearing high heels catch a bus, hard work is rewarding, I was 139 pounds.   Found himself seems to need more exercise, because the body has become accustomed to such exercise, a little to affect the rate of weight loss. I think I now need to increase the intensity of exercise or physical activity, or a different movement. I do not like to go to the gym, because I did not want to endure the vision of others despise, and even when to swim I pick one little. The physical constitution of every other day diet users is better than it used to be.
Fitness for the public and I did not. Movement must be conducted surreptitiously.   Read the news just yesterday reported a singer dance rehearsals for the new album a month storm lost 15 pounds, which makes the urge to suddenly also have wanted to dance. Dance, from the nursery since the era and I have absolutely nothing to do sports, but because of my weight loss and to re-engage it. I totally can not dance, and more can not go to the dance studio to learn dancing, so really is a fool and disgrace.  In the past, I often curled up on the sofa eating and drinking, but now after taking fruta planta, I have gotten rid of those bad habits. Against the glass, and told that dress waiting for me, and then a home.   Night, I place running in the room, the father suddenly knocked on the door came in and said outside just under the rain, good air, and asked not to go for a walk,
I asked Dad: “Let the district is in fact getting bigger, we should not and I go running? “Dad did not want to say good, we go running. Running together and the father is actually quite interesting to run with him, do not feel lonely. The father is the first time turned my home district is so big, because he ran down the circle of his half to try any gone.  After taking Fruta Planta Reduce Weight, user are in high spirit. July 30   Chubby girl’s dance career   Now, I have been accustomed to eat a few things to drink a little water, but doing a lot of movement.   Moreover, the movement for a while, as if before the feeling of fatigue all disappeared, the original movement can let the spirit become better. Since they do not feel tired, then take advantage of the spirit of good to swim a few laps.
I found that to lose weight this thing is other people’s recognition and encouragement to succeed, others a boast, I have the power every time quicken the pace.   August 14   ONLY – finally able to put on your   Today with her mom and went to grandma house, in order to avoid the miserable kind of like the last time grandma house for dinner, I specifically took the grandmother go to the mall, so she would not cook at home.

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