The Plaster Finishes Drywall

Imagine a home standing bare. The grey cement and brownish red bricks peeking through different places. Not a pretty picture, is it? When you erect the walls of your home, you tend to pour your soul into it. You want it to be a safe haven __ emphasis on haven. You certainly can not relax with bare naked walls staring back at you. You will either resort to extravagant texture or simple paints to cover the walls. However, there is a new relatively cheaper alternative, drywall.You can call it sheetrock, gypsum board, wall board; whatever suits your fancy. It is a popular form of ceiling and wall surfacing.Some landfill sites have even banned the dumping of drywall. It is basically a porous, lightweight substance made from plaster of Paris compressed between two moulds of paper or clay and fashioned into panels. At times, these moulds are also made out of fiberglass. The final product is usually four feet wide, with varying lengths and half to one inch thick.This sturdy and energy efficient way to construct rooms evolved from 1910 to 1930.

As opposed to week long plaster applications, drywall can be installed in two days for an entire house, even by amateur carpenters. House building and remodeling have increased during the past five years. Drywall is among the biggest beneficiaries of the housing boom. It takes less labor and drying time so the contractors reap the harvest of big money. Nowadays any home remodeling is incomplete without the installation of drywall.Drywall has different varieties; textured drywall, smooth drywall and unfinished drywall. Each comes with its own sub varieties. Textured drywall comes with simple or complex grains. Sprayed texture is most popular nowadays. Smooth drywall is used for wall papering or paint. Last but not the least, unfinished drywall is ideal for places like garage or work areas where looks are not important. Veneer plastering is recommended for places where better finish is required.The most important step of drywall construction is the wall/ceiling frame.

It is made of either wood or steel, depending on your or pocket. Taper-edged drywall requires less finishing and joints are less visible. Only a thin skin coat (final coat) of plaster finishes the job. However it is new and slightly expensive. You can go for the normal straight edged drywall but its finishing takes more time.It is not only the speed or efficiency of construction that makes drywall appeal to people. It offers much more. It provides passive fire protection. This means it is not completely fire resistant but the water in the plaster of Paris helps in reducing the damage by not allowing the fire to spread into the next room until the drywall cracks and disintegrates. It also supplies thermal insulation to some extent. Your house remains cooler which basically results in lower electricity bills. The downside of drywall is that it can not be used in humid areas which will cause mould growth. It also can not be reused so disposal becomes a problem. Some landfill sites have even banned the dumping of drywall.

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