The potato is the most natural thin body is nutrition food

fruta planta can depress your appetite and burn your fat. The modern nutrition study also found that the minimum pumpkin heat, even in the face before sleeping, eat to also won’t bring about get fat, and contain rich dietary fiber and pectin, not only full abdomen feeling good, still can absorb in the intestinal tract in a metabolic waste and carcinogenic substance based, and can help intestinal during sleep in row poison, containing trace elements of more unique cobalt, can protect the heart. Can directly boiled pumpkin, and then adding appropriate honey to eat. Also can choose according to individual be fond of a pumpkin congee roughage to eat. fruta planta pills is the best way for us to lose weight..
The potato is the most natural thin body is nutrition food, not fat and cholesterol, quantity of heat also is very low (only 21% of the rice weight, etc), and it has very rich soft dietary fiber, can bring a high full abdomen move (full abdomen feeling is three times the volume white bread, such as rice weight is 6 times). please take one fruta planta per day, 30 minutes before breakfast and take it with warm water.
Eat some potato before sleep not only won’t bring about get fat, still can let you sleep more sweetly, because the potato contains abundant alkaline compounds, as for cooking way, nutrition experts suggest you will potatoes steaming, boiling or made into mashed potatoes. Steaming, boiling potatoes dip in soya, honey or milk acid eat are delicious and nutritious. Fruta Planta Weight Loss really works well on losing weight.
Mashed potatoes make very simple, need only will evaporate, boiled potatoes are once again processing, such as peeled, crushed, add a few raisins, half a into bizarre fruit slices, half a cup of yoghurt or little salt. Mix well.
Oats and potatoes, can help you clear what are the effects of sleep the acidity material, more can relax nerve, a soft sleeping effect.
First of all, can make your body oats release of a kind of insulin, this kind of insulin to help reach the brain tryptophan and there into serotonin, tell the brain “is time sleep”. If you want to lose weight quickly then take 2 day detox diet.
oats in your sleep in the process of uniform release glucose, maintaining blood glucose balance, prevent you in sleep nightmare constantly, because the study found that nearly forty percent of the nightmare is caused by low blood sugar.


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