The rapid development of vertical shaft Crusher

Kiln plate introduce knowledge

Fixed plate and cylinder : the cylinder block and the supporting bit thick plate made ​​of both new individual is fixed by welding , weld strengths can be processed after the outer plate , the device inconvenience , more accurate control of the gap . But because the pressure plate and the cylinder axis passing great string of energy between the rotary kiln and the rolling circle , if the entire plate and cylinder welded around will change a lot of stress in the weld plate and cylinder formed cracking, cracking tends to be repeated after welding , welding stress easily happen. Thus in the rotary kiln repair process, not welded plate and cylinder best . Gold Milling Equipment in Russia

The change plate : plate wear and deformation of the plate , the gap has to be increased with the wheel when the wheel is too large band gap added , will form a number of serious consequences . To protect the equipment safely and securely consumption normal operation , the cylinder must be carried out on the plate change . Change the cylinder through the pad to recover reasonable tire clearance is the most simple and the most economical and effective way. Change control is very important when the plate thickness of the plate , to go through the precise measurement design , selection of appropriate plate, lest a serious economic loss . Graphite Manufacturing Process

Wear pad : when the roller ring and the plate gap is too large, the absolute two large sliding contact surface wear and higher kiln speed, the faster the wear . For this reason, when the rolling ring with the hot plate gap is too large , it is necessary to repair , change or add a thin pad to maintain proper clearance. The gap between the two can not be less than the design gap ( based on body size kiln , the individual is 4 ~ 10mm), but not more than 20mm.

Smooth : With the launch of new dry kiln , kiln load and thermal load is increased, the higher the speed, the greater the wear plate , so the plate is smooth is very important. APCM taken abroad smooth plate system is adopted impurities made ​​of graphite and mineral oil, smoothing agents , resistant to low 550 ℃ , this system is simple and smooth , less fuel consumption, highly reliable , it is important to apply a long nozzles, out into the gap between the plate and the tire , the smooth friction agent is sprayed onto the scattered appearance, smooth layer of low friction film formation , greatly extends the life of the pad and use the wheel belt. Heat the oil in a once daily plus side , plus a couple of days at the cold end of the oil . As before refueling with individual artificial fat compared to refuel from time to extend the 3 to 4 times , improved conditions for workers to rest . Stone crusher manufacturers in India

The rapid development of vertical shaft Crusher

Mills plays a major role in the mineral processing equipment , a grinding of the material necessary equipment . Many types of crusher , impact crusher , jaw crusher , impact crusher, roll crusher, hammer crusher , cone crusher , high crushing machine . Spindle crushing machine for building materials , mining , metallurgy, chemical industry grinding limestone, clinker , coal and other ores crushing operations , but also can be used for dolomite, flint , lead and zinc , serpentine , blast furnace slag , coal gangue , phosphate rock crushing operations and other medium hardness materials , especially for the hard limestone , dolomite , granite , basalt and other artificial sand or stone highway pavement grinding process . River gravel sand making machine

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