The speed of the ball mill directly affects the work efficiency

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In fact, whether the ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, large-scale ball mill, or the planet ball mill used in college laboratory, cement ball mill in cement industry, their working principle is similar basically. Therefore, the factors affecting their speed have something in common. The working principle of ball mill is driven by revolution and auto-rotating, crushing the samples by the friction force and percussive force in the grinding warehouse. The higher speed, the heavier friction and percussive. Generally, discharging grain is in direct proportion to the ball mill speed.

we all know, ball mill is indispensable key equipment in mining industry. Meanwhile, ball mill speed is the key factor to determine grinding efficiency. What are the indeed factors affecting ball mill speed? How to make full use of ball mill?Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example, rotary calcining kiln, mineral processing shaking table. Welcome all of you to visit our official website.

In different mineral industry, the effects of ball mill speed are different. For example, in coal mine industry, the speed of the ball mill is directly influencing the movement condition of the ball and coal sheet. It also influences coal grinding process. If the rotary speed is very low, steel ball and coal sheet cannot be taken up, only the lower mill is rolling, the coal output is small. Instead, if the speed reach high, the centrifugal of the ball and coal is greater than the gravity. The ball and coal sheet will rotate together with the drum, losing the role of grinding coal sheet. Rotary ball mill’ speed can make the ball in the rotary drum achieve maximum hoisting height, and then the ball reach the biggest impact, grinding effect is perfect. However, in ball mill practical work, its speed is limited by transmission device speed and external other conditions. The ball mill is impossible to achieve optimal height, it is generally close to each other.

From the above, we know the importance of the ball mill speed in its daily work. Consequently, the speed of ball mill should be set up to maximum to improve the grinding efficiency.

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