They are definitely a different breed than Pandora

A couple weeks ago, I was feeling a bit uninspired by Pandora and in a moment of weakness I decided to check out Trollbeads. Many of the ladies online have been making the switch lately and I decided to visit a Trollbeads store while I was near one. I took advantage of the mother’s day promotion they were having and got a pandora charms chain for free with a purchase of a lock. The entire bracelet is interchangeable, with different lock/latch that you can buy. I got the big flower, which is so pretty! The chain size includes the lock length (even though it’s sold separately), so it’s totally different than Pandora. I actually had to go up a size to 7.9 cm because the 7.5, my normal size, was too tight.
I also ended up doing the other mother’s day promo -buy 3 beads, get 1 free, and walked out the store that day with a bracelet and lock, and 4 silver beads. Every bead has a story, and I got the Lucky Dragon, pig zodiac (limited edition), Sun Circles, and thepandora charms of Fortune. The Bead of Fortune is so cool-it’s a two piece charm and depending on how they come together, that’s your fortune. There’s a skull, star, two hands, heart, and clover. They are definitely a different breed than Pandora; Trollbeads are so much more ornate with a lot of gothic and baroque influences. Not as mainstream as Pandora, but I like that they have a lot of character.
I’m really excited to get the pandora beads to add some color to my bracelet. I feel another addiction coming on! I am “charms” addict, after all.Unfortunately, Trollbeads doesn’t have any stores that only sells their line; all the jewelers by me are pretty small, far away, and don’t have much inventory. It’s been surprisingly tough to see the cheap pandora beads in person. I’ve made a few purchases online and can’t wait to get them!

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