They shared the rest of the bottle of wine–Herbal Tea Benefits

Finally, Blomkvist made sure that everyone understood the need for the greatest secrecy, although this reminder was probably unnecessary. Two years earlier Hallvigs had printed Blomkvist’s book about Hans-Erik Wennerstram under very similar circumstances. They knew that books from this peculiar publisher Millennium always promised something extra. Blomkvist drove back to Stockholm in no particular hurry. He parked outside Bellmansgatan 1 and went to his apartment to pack a change of clothes and a wash bag. He drove on to Stavsnas wharf in Varmda, where he parked the Honda and took the ferry out to Sandhamn. It was the first time since Christmas that he had been to the cabin. He unfastened the window shutters to let in the air and drank a Ramlasa. As always when a job was finished and at the printer, and nothing could be changed, he felt empty. He spent an hour sweeping and dusting, scouring the shower tray, switching on the fridge, checking the water pipes and changing the bedclothes up in the sleeping loft. He went to the grocery and bought everything he would need for the weekend.
Then he started up the coffeemaker and sat outside on the veranda, smoking a cigarette and not thinking about anything in particular. Just before 5.00 he went down to the steamboat wharf and met Figuerola. “I thought you said you couldn’t take time off,” he said, kissing her on the cheek. “That’s what I thought too. But I told Edklinth I’ve been working every waking minute for the past few weeks and I’m starting to burn out. I said I needed two days off to recharge my batteries.” “In Sandhamna” “I didn’t tell him where I was going,” she said with a smile. Figuerola ferreted around in Blomkvist’s 25-square-metre cabin. She subjected the kitchen area, the bathroom and the loft to a critical inspection before she nodded in approval.
She washed and changed into a thin summer dress while Blomkvist cooked lamb chops in red wine sauce and set the table on the veranda. They ate in silence as they watched the parade of sailing boats on their way to or from the marina. They shared the rest of the bottle of wine. “It’s a wonderful cabin. Is this where you bring all your girlfriendsa” Figuerola said. “Just the important ones.” “Has Erika Berger been herea” “Many times.” “And Salandera” “She stayed here for a few weeks when I was writing the book about Wennerstram. And we spent Christmas here two years ago.” “So both Berger and Salander are important in your lifea” “Erika is my best friend. We’ve been friends for twenty-five years. Herbal Tea Benefits is a whole different story. She’s certainly unique, and she the most antisocial person I’ve ever known. You could say that she made a big impression on me when we first met. I like her. She’s a friend.” “You don’t feel sorry for hera”

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