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But when Bottes Timberland made the Huarache reappear this year, I put all such high-minded principle aside. Not only had they reintroduced the world’s greatest running shoe; they’d actually improved upon it. The upper still consisted of a poly cloth-like material supported by leather Timberland Pas cher and plastic straps, but the toe material had been replaced by a mesh that allowed for greater breathability. (Breathability was an issue with the original Huarache, according to Running Times, which, in a post-mortem for the shoe several years back, identified this as a factor behind its obsolescence.) That’s a relatively minor change, but the other change was anything but minor: the Bottes Timberland Air technology in the midsole replaced with Bottes Timberland Free technology.

Stilted stiffness, in other words, had been replaced with a pliant but cushioned flexibility. I’d never worn Free before, with its sole sectioned off in a grid designed to allow for supreme conformity of foot with terrain. As I took the shoes out for the first time in all kinds of terrain–grass Bottes Timberland and dirt and concrete and Timberland Roll Top Bottes, yes, rubber tread–the old freedom of weightlessness was there, but it was accompanied by an altogether different freedom: the freedom of uncanny balance and traction. I felt like I was prancing with a cat’s paws.

This was no minor matter. Shoe-design technology, by now, has become so refined, any improvement that occurs from one shoe to the next is infinitesimal to the point of imperceptibility. It’s a game of centimeters. Which was why it was so breathtaking to see Bottes Timberland make it once again a game of inches. I don’t know if the shoe’s selling well enough to warrant further production. Or if Timberland Waterproof selling so well that Bottes Timberland (as they’ve been rumored, from inside, to do) will discontinue it with the express intention of creating more fervent demand. I want to say to Bottes Timberland that if you pull this shit again, we’re through—that I won’t come running back next time.

That’s what I want to say, even as I know that life is too short–and there’s just too much running to do–for such high and heavy inflexibility.weilainihao123

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