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The Jaw Crusher is Hongxing”s important Hongxing products, the production of large and medium-sized the use of Jaw Crusher in very good condition, behind mine aggregate equipment users. The Jaw Crusher has broken parts is a two jaw plates, a block is fixed on the machine casing is fixed jaw plate, vertical or slightly inclined installation in the forearm, another is a movable jaw plate, it and the ration between certain included angle, and the main eccentric shaft connection at together with the spindle, the eccentric movement, when the movable jaw plate is moved toward the fixed jaw plate when, on a breaking machine chamber of the material is squeezed between the broken jaw plate; when the movable jaw plate away from the fixed jaw plate when, by broken stock will be from the lower two jaw plates the gap between automatically unloaded, thus completing the material crushing.

Jaw Crusher jaw plate of the angle between the two blocks called clamp angle.If you lower jaw angle, Jaw Crusher production capacity will increase, but also can reduce the breaking of fragmentation; if increasing clamp angle, can increase the crushing ratio, but also will affect the production capacity, clamp angle is too large, in the fall of the machine cavity material is not easy to be clamped, will there is a risk of extruder cavity.The extruder cavity risk. In addition, there are also heavy hammer type and hydraulic impact device, but dead-load and spring are widely used. The dead-load structure is simple and reliable and the adjustment is simple and convenient, but the uniformity of the product granularity is bad and the structure is relatively heavy. Spring type has high uniformity of the product granularity, but the structure is more complicated.

Hongxing Company lays much emphasis on the quality and clients. We serve clients with the quality guideline of being responsible for every working procedure, every product and every client. What we have done is for the clients and we believe that quality is the best way to develop market. All of the products have passed the authentication of ISO9001. Hongxing Brand is the Chinese Famous Brand. Reliable and stable quality is the key to success. Our products are well known at home and abroad. Now we have tens of thousands of users throughout China and more than 30 world markets.

rock crusher:

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