Two kinds of production methods introduced dryer

Reasons continuation selection has the following formula: for the continuation of the process of formula after, decision continuation mode; the same material, the same number, the selection in favor of a continuation type progressive thermal efficiency; formula in order not to continue the evaporation of water compared to the emergence of the peak value uniform evaporation equipment in membership, and thus the peak evaporation than intermittent small and do not spoil the work; continue drying time is short, so even if carried out before and after the process of breaking up is still a continuation of the formula chosen favorable; although a small amount of a suitable amount of office, but the material special long boring time, they often choose a batch dryer. sand stone production line

Intermittent use of the dryer reasons are the following: after the drying process can not be performed continues, but the continuation of the drying process can be carried out, not easy to take a continuation dryer; yield smaller and change the kind often required a long time, the Good take intermittent dryer; simply does not allow moisture intermittent error should be chosen dryer; providing information, remove tough when equipped with walks and other operations, the choice of intermittent drying equipment; Because this kind of drying equipment structure than the simple, cheap prices and thus less trouble; drying time is long, the drying process of the rest of the job can also be used, which can improve the operating density. sandstone quarrying and processing

Causing slime dryer tug wear factor


Slime boring tugboat individual devices are in the lower end of the drum, it is important to bear all the weight of the barrel drum, boring machine after temporary use of slime, slime dryer before and after the tugboat will emerge at different levels of wear and tear , according to the practice of understanding of the invention, the first tugboat will compare the level of wear lighter, less significant, then tug wear becomes a significant contrast. Using accurate way, thus preventing the Tug slime drying equipment wear. silica sand mining process equipment

Inaccurate maintenance mode: When the slime dryer temporary use as a temporary action by the low airflow, tire and plate cylinder deformation on the wear and tear will be significant, the wheel can be turned back with oval, then the pressure occasional round of changes will attack, and eventually it will wear round great care. Improper personnel tasks: Task improper operation personnel will form a significant wear after riding wheel, for example, some plants in the Mountain dull material, do not pay attention to the level of play of the situation of the cylinder, swap or about the way round care, care after the formation of wheel was in the course of the entire task force changed a great attack, after forming a major supporting wheel wear.

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