Types Of Kitchen Countertops

Countertops also known as worktops are horizontal surface made up of different materials such as marble, granite or simply stone made, wood, steel or other metals, glass or silicate materials used basically for the work area in the kitchens, bathrooms, lavatories and workstations in general. These hard surfaces are placed at reasonable heights in accordance with the height of the person using it. The different materials used for its construction have different attributes with respect to their usage, reliability and intended application either in kitchen or in any other room. The countertopsinstalled in kitchens are the main objects that are used in the U.S standard based. They are available in different colors and styles. The surfaces used in the kitchen are mostly stone made and they provide a durable and reliable entity to them. The most common counters are the granite counters, although they are a bit expensive but they provide elegance to the kitchen since they are available in more than 3000 different colors and change the style of our kitchen.

Another famous type of counter is ceramic tile which is both durable and easy to clean and it is affordable too. Another inexpensive type is the laminate counters. They have smooth surface so are easy to work with. The modern day kitchens utilize the crafted glass countertopswhich are mostly customized and are an architectural specimen. The glass used in non-porous, stain proof, extremely hygienic and extremely heat resistant to about 700 degrees. They are installed either in small components or as immense single units. It is made from the recycle glass which is crushed and cut into strips and then heated until the melting point of the glass is achieved and it is thenturned into sheets. The countertopsused in the other areas such as bathrooms or workstations are made up of different materials depending upon their utilization.

The concrete counters are very common in general usage as the workstations since they are very inexpensive and do not require any high profile engineering method to install them but these are not durable because of the possible cracking of the material and their porous surface might not be suitablefor cooking or cutting food items. The best alternative for these are the marble surfaces since they have smooth surface and are inexpensive too. The kitchen sinks have different styles of being embedded in the countertops. Theycan either be mounted within the template holes in the counter surfaces or they can be bottom mounted. The bottom or under mounted sinks are basically installed to the bottom of the material of the counterwhose edge is actually exposed to the hole made for the sink. The sinks made up of synthetic or plastic are more easily installed as they can be glued up to the underside of the counter which hides the possible appearance of the joint in the counter surface. However, another suitable option can be stainless steel sink that can be welded in to the counter surface.

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