Types of Residential Buildings in America

If you want to sell your property than real estate agent will be your thought. Real estate agents are the ones which help people in buying and selling of property. If a person says that he is going to sell his property than most of the people would think that he is going to sell his land or building. But the real estate word is very vast in its nature. It does not only include land and building but also includes crops and minerals found on that land. He is even owner of the water that is found on his land like wells etc. the number of migrants to America is increasing day by day. People from all over the world travels to America because large numbers of job opportunities are available here. These people need a place to live somewhere and for that purpose they contact the real estate agents. Real estate agents of America are thought to be very cunning and wicked and they always sell what the customer wants.

The rate of property in America is very high due to which people try to rent or mortgage the property. Most of the houses in America are on mortgage. Different banking and financial institutions help these people to find a house or apartment of mortgage. Mortgage system is very close to rent system the only difference between them is of ownership. In mortgage a person pays installments of the house to a banking institution and after a specified period the ownership of the house is transferred to him. On the other hand the person does not get the ownership of the house in case of rent. Apartments are usually a single unit in multi storied building. The worth of the apartment depends upon its area. The rate of multi bedroom and bathroom apartment is more than single bed and bath apartment. If apartment is on top floor then its value will be higher than other apartments. Following are the type of residential buildings in America:
• Multi- family house
• Condominium
• Duplex
• Tents
• Terraced house
• Cooperative
• Mobile homes

Multi- family house is the type of house which consists of different stories. Each floor is though to be a single unit and people live with their families there. Condominiums are a unique type of buildings. These buildings have some common areas such as grounds. These areas are used by people jointly and give home looking environment. Townhouse and row house are two famous styles of Condominiums. Duplex is that housing unit in which a wall separates two housing units. The two housing units share a common wall. Tents are the type of sheds which are made of fabrics. These are now mostly used by people when they go to a far off place to spend their vacation. Terraced house are thought to be very expensive because these houses are build in such a manner that their terrace gives a wonderful view. Such types of houses are like greatly by people because of their dream home type nature.

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