Using The AIT 3 Tape For Data Backup In Small IT Centers

Many companies are at the risk of losing important information stored on to their databases. This is usually because of the possibility of databases getting attacked by viruses via online and offline methods. After all, in the corporate world of today many businesses compete against one another and some businesses are prepared to use such methods in order to cut down the competition and maintain a monopoly of sorts over the market.

Small companies are often at risk because they have started out newly and may not have the funds to start all over again. Large and medium sized businesses would have start all over again, too and the usage of important but possibly harmful data could hurt the reputation of many businesses. This is why it is necessary to use backup technology- it helps businesses save information on to devices and these devices can be used later on to help them bounce back.

The AIT (Advanced Intelligence Tape) was made and competed with other backup technology products such as LTO and DAT/DDS and their formats. This tape was introduced by the company, Sony and has been used by a number of companies in order to store important data. This would help minimize the loss of information because the data can always be retrieved from the backup technology device rather than the company having to research all over again and start from scratch.

The Sony AIT-3 tape would enable companies to save ample information since it has a native capacity of 100 GB. This would allow company to store a lot of information and this can retrieved in case any damage is caused to their building or database because of any sort of disaster or due to the employment of hackers and viruses that would affect the database negatively.

In addition to this the tape drive comes with a 260 GB storage capacity and so, additional information can be stored on to the tape drive. So, in case a tape is lose, any data stored on the tape drive can retrieved and used later on. It has a data transfer rate from 12 MB/s- 28 MB/s and so, this ensures that information is transferred at a fast pace and without any unwanted delay.

The Sony AIT-3 tape can be afforded by businesses if all costs. The tape itself has backward compatibility which means it can overdrive information stored in previous generations of the AIT tapes (AIT-1 or/and AIT-2 tapes) and so, businesses would not have to worry about saving the same information on different generations/versions of the same tape all over again.

In conclusion, all businesses must invest in back up technology and the Sony AIT-3 tape would be a wise choice because it is affordable, cheap and it is efficient too. Businesses of all sizes can afford these and this would reduce the damage caused to them due to loss of information simply because everything is stored on these tapes and can be retrieved at any later point.

AIT 3 tapes are very robust, reliable and cost efficient. High performance SDLT tapes, LTO tapes, DDS tapes, AIT tapes, RDX cartridges and DDS 2 tapes are available at, at low price. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email:

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