Valuable Data From Midrange Servers Can Be Protected at Unbeatable Cost With HP LTO Ultrium 4 Tape

Every business requires a device, other than their computers and databases, on which they can store information and store these devices so that no one can get a hold of the information stored in these tapes. A computer’s software is always prone to danger due to external threats such as hackers and viruses. One never knows when they may attack a business’ database and the worst part is that by the time one of these have affected the database, most of the information is lost and cannot be recovered. That would mean a business would have to research all over again so that it could regain the lost information.

Would it not be better if a business could preserve this data on a separate device? This way employers and employees can always extract this information from these tapes- only if and when the need to retrieve this information strikes. That way, this business would be saved only on the device and no one can touch it. One can always erase this information from the computer and also save capacity on the computer instead of saving it. This way a hacker cannot gain access to the information and though viruses would be able to hack the software of a computer, it cannot affect the information stored in these devices themselves. At least the information that is vital to the progress and existence of a company would be safe from these threats.

This is where backup technology is a must. Many businesses are investing in backup technology nowadays. While some use USB flash drives and other such devices to store important files, others go for LTO and DDS tapes which would allow them to save a greater amount of information. Many companies have invested in such technology and have given great feedback about these devices. The Linear-Tape Open tape is one such device and HP is one of the many developers and manufacturers of these tapes.

The HP LTO4 tape is an inexpensive solution that comes with an enormous storage capacity of 1.6 TB of compressed data which makes it perfect for companies wanting to save large files or digital files for use in the future. In addition to this the tape has WORM (Write Once, Read Many) capabilities. So even if someone erases information stored in these tapes, the original version of the file would still be available and saved on the tape.

This intelligent backup storage technology would enable businesses to save information and the tapes are great for long term usage since one tape has an archival life of 30 years. The tape also has backward capabilities which means that the tape can read, overwrite and store information stored on previous version of HP’s LTO tapes and this would reduce the need for additional tapes to store the same information.

Any business wanting to protect itself in the long term on a device with a huge storage capacity must go for this intelligently designed LTO 4 ultrium backup format.

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