Vanessa Hudgens: choose your Yeezy 2 shoes

I always like to play basketball wearing my Air Yeezy 2 shoes, feeling very good, and the bottom of the shoes glow in the dark, very cool, very interesting sports equipment, the most common and the most indispensableis the sports shoes. I believe any friends like sports will have a pair of his beloved Air Yeezy II shoes. But you sports shoes really suitable for you? You in the selection of sports shoes, or focus only on the advanced concept technology, brands or styles? NO, you too unprofessional! Let us give you 9 to buy shoes Air Yeezy 2 Sale professional advice.

Kanye West Air Yeezy 2 Shoes

1. about the shape of your foot. Everyone has their own unique foot shape, some of the people belong to the normal shape of the foot, while others feet often inwards, some people are flat feet; some arch particularly high. Buy shoes must pay particular attention to whether the design of sports shoes conform to the shape of your foot, whether to provide proper foot support.

2. understand that you want to engage in sports. Different athletic shoes for different sports.

3. the best time to buy shoes in the afternoon or in the evening after, because when your feet up maximum.

4. wearing usually used to wear, suitable thickness of sports socks a pair of Yeezy 2 Shoes. Too thick or too thin socks will affect the fit of the shoe.

5. try with both feet, feet to the larger size prevail.

6. try on two pairs of shoes of different shoe size, due to different manufacturers Size standards are not identical.

7. Toes and toe distance is not easy to be too close to the toe top and there should be a finger between your longest toe wide gap, so toes can freely. Toe head to toe, with your fingers to press the front end of the toe, to Try the toe is too tight.

8. the heel and the heel should be close, do not slide freely.

9. put on socks, tie shoelaces, take a walk in the shop or jogging a few steps to try is comfortable.

Well, we talked about here! I wish these views give Kanye West Air Yeezy 2 shoes friend was about to buy benefits. The way we recommend a cheap Air Yeezy 2 Outlet If you want to buy Nike Air Yeezy 2 shoes, welcome to take a look at the Air Yeezy 2 Women or the Air Yeezy 2 Men!

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