Varieties in the Style of Dance around the World

Varieties in the Style of Dance around the World

Dance is an art that indicates artistic movement of a body. People learn dance in many ways. Among all the ways, attending dance classes arranged by a dance instructor is the most popular one. Dance is not only a form of entertainment but also a form of spiritual activity in some regions.

Is there any universal spirit related to dancing?

If you watch attentively, you will find some animals also dancing in the nature. They do not take dance classes. They have not any dance instructor also. But they learn their dance lessons from the nature. Human and animals can be connected deeply through dance. Dance is the universal language of all the lives in this world. If you express your emotion through your dance, everyone in the world will easily understand your speech.

What are the types of dance?

Basically, there is no fixed type of dance. But there are a lot of fixed styles of dance. These styles are developed by the popularity of the people. Among all the styles, salsa, street dance, pole dance, zumba dance, etc. are the most popular ones. You can take your dance lesson is these styles for becoming a popular dancer. A dance instructor can help you a lot by teaching the perfect dance lesson for you.

What are the specialties of street dance?

Street dance has no rules. This is the specialty of this dance. You need no dance class. You do not need any dance lesson or dance instructor. Usually the dance that is performed outside the home or studio is called as street dancing. Street dancing is a very popular way of dancing. You do not need to show any formality is this way of dancing. You just have to be social and energetic. This dance is performed in some social functions also. So, always be prepared for a sudden street dance performance in any occasion.

What is pole dance?

The dance that is performed with some gymnastic actions is called pole dancing. Pole dance is a very attractive dancing style. Usually a lot of acrobatic tricks are performed in pole dancing. Pole dance is a popular form of exercise also.

What are the characteristics of zumba?

Zumba is a dancing style originated in Colombia. A lot of aerobic elements are included in zumba dancing. As a lot of aerobic moves are required, you have to attend zumba classes for achieving zumba fitness. Licensed instructors work as zumba trainers. A zumba fitness class usually takes one hour. You have to be very attentive to your zumba classes. Always try to learn new aerobic moves. A lot of variations in aerobic moves can make your dancing very attractive.

What are the attractions of salsa?

Salsa is originated in Cuba. It is a very popular dancing style with a lot of attractions. Salsa music is attached to salsa dance. You can enjoy both the music and the dance of salsa.

Dance is the life of the nature. If you can, try to learn the dance related to your culture. Try to enjoy the spirit of dancing. You can find useful information about dancing in


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