Victory: Go into the details of how maintenance Cheap Dre Beats

A lot of people known as Dr Dre Beats killer, a fashion Dre Beats Headphones get our hands on a few days it becomes a corpse. And earplugs work, but if you pay attention to maintenance, or will extend the life of the Monster Dre Beats earbuds. Some time ago I inadvertently purchased a EX7 buy it back later, only to find EX7 work sucks, especially in the first batch, wrong is become more. This EX7 my hand has been for several months, in addition to the appearance of old, the rest of the normal.

How to extend the life of earplugs, not just the ordinary user in doubt, some enthusiasts right way, I simply talk about their own feelings, I hope you can start a discussion, but also hope that all of them deficiencies to be corrected.
Dr Dre Beats Earbuds are sophisticated products, so use them must pay attention to. I especially like the Beats Tour, so how maintenance Beats by Dre Tour for the topic to mention a few comments!

Beats By Dre Tour

Hiphop Beats maintenance plugs. Many earplugs choose gold-plated plug, so helpful in reducing the impedance, the the wear transition will lead to changes in the sound quality. Layer gold-plated are generally thin, if carried out multiple mating surface will wear very quickly, it is recommended not to pull down right put earplugs. So both earplug bad and, also makes the machine interface becomes loose, resulting in poor contact and other issues.
The earbuds cord and plug connected at just fixed with rubber. Inside solder joints, forcibly pulling line down pulling earplugs easily lead to the shedding of the solder joint, is not an acceptable behavior. The correct approach is pinching the plug, then gently pull out. Here say there is a pull when not to force too much, too fast.
Beats On Sale earplugs wire than before, a lot of progress. However, we should also pay attention to. Even such as 888 such hollow material to do the wire should pay attention to, because it is, after all, metal wire. If you do not pay attention received, the line hard angle folded, very easily lead to fracture of the wire, damage to the ear plugs. Therefore to retain a certain arc polyline.
Beats by Dre earbuds line external should also note that if the external damage occurs, will directly affect the life of the inside wire. Wire although the use of the materials are different, but it boils down to, or belonging to the rubber products, and therefore have to pay attention to some of the maintenance of rubber products, such as not to make the grease, acids, alkalis, and other things pollution wire, dry towel to use these when wipe clean. Is noteworthy that sweat. Easy to sweat in the summer time, sweat stained the line, then wipe clean.
Beats by Dre earbuds diaphragm in relatively hard, factory earplugs sound principle is the vibration of the diaphragm, the case of a large volume, earplugs diaphragm leaving the greater the magnitude of the original position, to reply to the initial position is also more difficult. It’s like spring principle, exceed the limit will not be able to reply. Therefore suggest that you do the earplugs first under preheated, do not listen to the large volume of new earplugs. Specific way can refer to the recommendations of some praise, I also wrote a praise, so will not repeat it here.
The earplugs also a more sophisticated things, collision will cause loose or damaged internal parts, I once met a fellow student, earplugs accidentally touched the ground. The lead diaphragm deformation, so that the earplugs damaged. Therefore suggest that you try to avoid the collision earplugs.
Many people believe that when listening to earbuds must wear sponge sets, or easy to make the dust fall into. Fact need not be so worried. Earplugs diaphragm back and forth vibration at work, small dust will bounce. Magnets and other components is blocked in the back, there is no opportunity to come into contact with dust.
Another said that some ear plugs in behind the vents outside design soundproof cotton, this approach is likely to cause magnets and other respirable dust, accelerated aging, and therefore do not suggest that you get rid of the noise cotton
Basic earplugs front has compared the degree of network, large dust can not come.
But in the long-term do not listen to the earbuds best with sponge cover.
Temperature and humidity. Temperature or humidity Metropolitan damage so that the earplugs. In particular, in the diaphragm on the performance of the most obvious, if in the case of high temperature, high humidity, the ear of the diaphragm are easily deformed. . Do not make earplugs close to these places. Such as direct sunlight, fire roasted, wet with water, and so on.

Still a lot of maintenance problems about Cheap Dre Beats earbuds. Such as the use of the time not too long, here also can not enumerate. To cite just a few examples, happens because of these reasons (some excluded) cause damage, are not entitled to warranty service.
Earplugs is not the more expensive the more solid, which we already know much about. The earbuds are small, however valuable, as iBeats vs Dr Dre Beats Tour or Beats By Dre Diddy. If broken because of improper use, and can not warranty, but also a very difficult thing in Dr Dre Beats on sale.

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