Want To Protect Your Backup Storage Investment, Small Companies Should Choose Dell LTO Ultrium Tape

The thing about backup technology is that it could help you protect your business while, at the same time, allowing you to progress and save space on your computers. The tape systems are the perfect solution that can help businesses in the long run and they are available at low and affordable costs. All types of business can benefit from tape system these tapes regardless of their scope, work or the kind of information that they have stored on their databases. Even businesses that have just started out, also need to regularly backup their data files.

Backup system such as the Dell LTO2 tape, based on the open tape standard, is trusted by small companies.  They can save information on this compact system and extract information from them via high speed tape drives. Companies involved in research and development would require these tapes so that they can keep track of their progress and to compare their success in past years with the way they are progressing currently. Companies involved in sensitive areas of research can use these tapes as well. Many companies involved in the development of nuclear technology and weaponry can use the tapes so as to save data and protect it from the hands of other businesses, organizations and people wanting to use this information for their own purposes or who may want to extract this information for other businesses.

The information stored on these tapes would be safe and well-protected from external threats such as hackers and viruses because of the fact that they are offline and stored away from data centers. Worried about intentional data corruption? Use the WORM tape media that is offered by its next generation LTO-3.

Backup technology would allow you to backup information and minimize the damage caused to your valuable data by software bugs, malicious viruses etc. Even if, let’s say, your computer is attacked by a virus, the information stored on the backup tape can be restored with absolute reliability. So you business can keep a consistent flow of data within the organization and across the global internet-driven marketplace.

You can store large files on the tape at a fast speed since it comes with a storage capacity of 200 GB of native data and 400 GB of compressed data. The 2:1 compression would be ideal for your business because twice the data volume can be saved on these tapes.

The 126 GB per hour data transfer rate makes the Dell LTO2 tape perfect for retrieval and backup of information in the E-business environment. The tape has a life of 30 archival years and so satisfies the long term protection demands of government legislations.

Many small companies have used this tape system in order to store information and they have given positive feedback. They can increase their data center’s storage performance by installing Dell’s next generation of LTO system and also enjoy the benefit of backward compatibility. Regardless of the kind of work you are involved in, you must invest in this tape media system.

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