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Watch Argo Online A very ambitious film seems to be Ben monkey lecks third directing.After the first trailer has already made a good impression, there are now new character poster for the film, based on a true incident.
Ben Affleck as CIA agent Ben Affleck as a CIA agent (copyright) Warner Bros.

Watch Argo Online Ben Affleck (Pearl Harbor) had many ups and downs has undergone in the course of his career.As a strong supporting actor, convinced he while, yet enough it never to the permanent leading man in the first place.A few years ago, he has dared the step behind the camera and staged a no brainer with gone, baby, gone – an impressive directing debut.

Watch Argo Online later, the heist drama followed the town – city without mercy, which was also well received and now the Good Will Hunting dares star with ARGO on explosive issues.IMP has forwarded three character posters have been published on the official Facebook page.
Watch Argo Online the story is based on real events: after on November 4, 1979, the Iranian revolution has reached its peak, the U.S. Embassy was stormed and taken many American citizens hostage.However a small group of five employees managed to escape, and it is now up to CIA agent Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck), to bring the people back in the United States.
Watch Argo Online the plan is as absurd as it is ingenious: directorial disguised, Tony pretends that the refugees were an important part of his film crew and without these, the implementation of a Canadian version of Star Wars named ARGO would be impossible.The question is only whether the camouflage ultimately not flies up.

Watch Argo Online in his third work, is Ben Affleck again as an actor before the camera.At his side, John Goodman join (the Big Lebowski), Alan Arkin (little Miss Sunshine), Philip Baker Hall (Bruce Almighty), as well as breaking bad star Bryan Cranston.After the town – city without mercy 2011 as Oscar candidate was already acted, ARGO could also be brought into next time with the Goldjungen in connection.After all, the film provides a good basis with political sensitivity and also the first American reviews have been very positive.The German theatrical release of ARGO is on November 8, 2012.

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