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Watch Taken 2 Online
Watch Taken 2 Online

Taken 2 serves you thrilling action, but without any major twist. Right from the start of his encounter with bad guys, you know the protagonist is hell bent to kick their ass and come out of the entire mess with some broken bones, bruises, and many lying flat on the ground, except the lead man.

Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), as a father, has no room for comfort. It is as if the bad guys have made it a habit to prey on his vulnerable family. As a last resort, he befriends no-mercy attitude gain and bashes up the bad guys to save his tormented loved ones from their vicious presence. It is easy to write-off Liam Neeson, citing his age; but is it that easy to write off an action star with a dominating screen presence? As an action hero, he is still as good as we found him the last time round.

Director Olivier Megaton delivers lavish action, laden with remotely captured sequences. Last riots being performed at a picturesque high-altitude location, all-out cat and mouse action on the roofs of close-knit buildings: due care has been taken to capture wide shots, showing action in its totality.

What construed over the first flick sets the tone of revenge. If you will press your minds a slight bit, you would recall how Mills showed no mercy to gangster Murad’s son and killed him without giving his intent a second thought. A desolated father, Murad is burning with vengeance and he arranges company of more bad guys to soothe his aching heart.

Mills is on a recreational visit to Istanbul along with his wife and daughter. Their merry-go-around leads them to Turkey and with daughter by his side, Mills feels as if he is on cloud nine. Kim has made a good recovery from the mental trauma she had to face; kidnapping, intent of sexual abuse and being forcibly fed with intoxicants. Forgetting the tearful fast, she wants her parents to feel like the way they did when they fell in love with each other for the first time.

The watchful Albanians set their eyes on them with intention to kill and carry out sex trade. As you can imagine, the one man killing machine’, Mills is ready to take down anything that comes in his way like a speeding bulldozer and gush out a cry of relief once he feels his family is absolutely secure.

What happens when a fight dill death ensues has been told exactly, but the details like the cries of pain, the harrowing blood spill, the fast-failing struggle to live on, seem like a little ignored. As explained earlier, the mystery does not thicken much and one is ahead of the action, knowing what’s coming next.

My parting off words, “Taken 2 is an impactful action movie, but without a high element of suspense.”

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