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Watch Hotel Transylvania Online

Watch Hotel Transylvania Online

Watch Hotel Transylvania Online

Light on the head, but brim-stuffed with amusement- that’s Hotel Transylvania for you. A fully-loaded, no holds barred kid’s movie with monster scare of another kind.

The legend has it that Dracula has had enough of the usual life. So, nowadays, he’s managing an uber-cool hotel, where he entertains a wide array of ‘monster guests’ including Frankenstein. He established the hotel not just for minting money, but also to protect his daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) from the intrusive human stares..

Mavis’ has lived the same routine life more than two decades past a century: she’s is 118 years old now. She can no longer resist the temptation to venture out, and Dracula is overly protective of his daughter. The extreme measures of Dracula to keep her away from the humans fail when, inadvertently, a human named Jonathan arrives at his far-off dwelling and loses his heart to Dracula’s daughter. What next; the sharp-fanged monster runs out of his mind.

Reading between the lines, you might comprehend that this is just another parent-child relationship drama that tends to turn stale as it goes the distance. I can fairly understand what you have on your minds, but stick your eyeballs to Hotel Transylvania and a thought shift is on the cards.There is no dearth of the comic situations while the father-daughter drama boils to a conclusion. If something fails your expectation, smack comes a really rib-tickling scene that writes off the previous disappointment.

As to the comedy, the atmosphere, or say, the situations have been assigned the job to manufacture laughs on the faces of viewers. Next impressive thing about the movie is the character sketch up: classic and symbolic of the fictional monsters that we have become used to over the years.The man known for h

is raunchy comedy, Adam Sandler voices Dracula. His unique voice texture and voice modulation skill inject a new life into the mythical blood-sucker. His voice act is invigorative and quiet diverse, befitting the emotional tussle the Dracula sees through. Besides Sandler, other notable voice actors in the movie are David Spade and CeeLo Green.

The USP of the movie is, there’s no dearth of jokes; if you tag one as a sheer blunder, the next trick out of the bag of the director will come to your rescue. Moreover, the relationship drama works at all levels. Adam Sandler as Dracula will land you in a prolonged state of excitement.
The pitfalls: the movie is delivery of an old candy in a new package and not every joke works as effectively as the previous one.

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