Watch The Amazing Spider-Man Online Free With HD DVD Quality

Watch The Amazing Spider-Man Online

Watch The Amazing Spider-Man Online

Watch The Amazing Spider-Man Online

The Amazing Spider-Man‘ doesn’t hit theaters until July 3rd but if you want to watch the new “untold story” of Spider-Man online, right now, from the comfort of your home or office, you’re in luck. Well, sort of…

If you’re like us, you’ve noticed that there’s been a lot of trailers and clips and commercials and features released for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’ Well Vimeo user SleepySkunk decided to take all that publicly available video and edit it together in linear fashion to see how close to the actual ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ movie he could get. And guess what? He got pretty far.

The Amazing Spider-Man is one of the best movies of 2012, so far. Great chemistry between the 2 actors, fantastic visual effects, memorable action scenes and a a new level of emotional depth, not seen in a Spider-Man movie. The movie constantly delivers on character development and thrilling action sequences. My low expectations were obliterated, what a surprise! Aside from the 3D animation looking fantastic and the film having a dark, complex feel to it that makes it feel more grown up, the primary reason worth watching is Andrew Garfield.

Andrew Garfield was terrific as Spider-Man, he not only looks like Peter Parker, but he embodies the character. Something only a few actors are able to do. Emma Stone is, as always very charming and effective in her role as Gwen Stacy. The chemistry between them is so well done, and performed. The scenes between them truly elevate the film, as a whole. Uncle Ben, played by the veteran actor Martin Sheen. Sheen brings the intrinsic qualities of family love and togetherness to the movie. Rhys Ifans is great as Dr. Connors, although I felt he was a bit underused. Everyone works so well together, the cast is by far the best out of all the Spidey movies, yet.

In many ways it represents an improvement over the Raimi films, particularly the misbegotten third installment, especially in its emphasis on the adolescent nature of its protagonist. Though Garfield is 28, he makes a credible 17-year-old – although Maguire was a year younger when he first pulled on the tights a decade ago, his Parker seemed conspicuously adult. The action scenes and the visual effects are totally exhilarating, believable and totally engrossing. Even though this reboot may be unnecessary, now I can’t wait until The Amazing Spider-man 2.

I sort of hate comparing this to the original trilogy because it is trying to be its own thing, but you can’t escape the fact that it’s such a recent reboot. However the movie stands on its own, as great reboot and a pleasure to watch! “The Amazing Spider-Man” has everything you could ask from a summer movie. Action, romance, imagination and smart writing.

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