Ways To Ensure That Your Attic Fan Keeps Working

An attic fan is a very useful device that can really save a home a lot of money when it comes to electricity. People who live in states that get rather warm during the summer could benefit by making use of one of these fans so that they don’t need to run their AC units so much. Attic fans have the ability to keep an entire home cool, and this includes blowing hot air out of the attic so that it stays cooler, too. To really get the most out of the performance and longevity of your fan, it’s very important to take proper care of it. If you are unfamiliar with the care of such a fan, here are some tips on how to properly maintain it. Keeping the fan very clean is critical to ensure that it has a long life of service ahead for you. This means that on a regular basis you actually need to clean all of the surfaces on the fan and around it as well. Be sure to shut off the fan before trying to clean it. Use a barely moistened towel or cloth to wipe around the outside of the fan to ensure that dust doesn’t accumulate on it. If there is a shutter beneath the attic fan in your ceiling, that also needs to be cleaned. A complete inspection of your fan is also essential to keeping it in good running shape for many years to come. Look at all screws and bolts to make certain that they are all tight. Loosened screws must be taken care of immediately. This can also protect against excess noise and rattling of your fan. While you are checking the screws, you can even check the fan for any possible damage or repairs that it may have need of. Inspecting your fan routinely for needed repairs will help you fix a minor problem before it becomes a major one. Everything that has a motor needs maintenance performed on it so that it lasts a long time. The same holds true for fans. On a regular basis, you should inspect the motor and lubricate it to keep it operating smoothly. There are generally vent holes through which you’ll be able to spray the motor. Lubricate any hinges on the fan to ensure that the fan shutters will work quietly at all times. Since these fans are often installed as a part of your home, it is also important to make sure the seams between the fan and your house or wall are properly sealed. If you notice any breaks in the seal, it will need to probably be repaired with either caulk or foam. Reading the manual that accompanies the fan is a great way to understand how it works and the way to maintain it properly. Attic fans are perfect for cooling homes and attics down to help reduce utility costs. To really obtain the most out of your fan, it is essential to care for it properly. If you are new to maintaining such a fan, it can help to know that all you will have to do is clean, inspect, and lubricate these fans on a regular basis. Doing so will hopefully keep that fan cooling your home for years to come.

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