What and why Web Data Extraction services

Web Data Extraction services include extracting or scraping specific information from different web pages and delivering the information to the client according to his/her requirement. The service is of extracting unstructured information from web pages & exports them to structured output formats like Microsoft Access database, Microsoft Excel (CSV), Text (TXT), HTML, XML, SQL script, My SQL script files.

A limitless source of information, the Internet, has a lot of useful information for people from all walks of life. The problem is how to extract that data from the web? Data on the Internet is not structured into databases and hence difficult to retrieve.

Normally, one would retrieve the data by copying it and pasting it to the relevant document. But this is tedious and time-consuming as well as difficult when the data to be retrieved is plenty. This is when Web Data Extraction comes into play.

Web data Extraction is a type of information retrieval whose goal is to automatically extract structured information, i.e. categorized and contextually and semantically well-defined data from a certain domain, from unstructured machine-readable documents.

Why use Web Data Extraction applications?

Traditionally web data extraction was done through software developed by programmers called ‘Wrappers’. The drawback was for every website one wanted to extract data from, a different ‘Wrapper’ had to be developed. This was again tedious and time-consuming and needed professional software developers.

What can you do with Web Data Extraction?

The uses of web data extraction are unlimited. Some examples of Web Data Extraction are:

1. Extract price lists from the web
2. Extract users data from the webpage
3. Extract industry information from the web
4. Extract orders data from your web account, etc.

Tips for choosing a Web Data Extraction Application:-

Choosing a correct Web Data Extraction application is essential as web data is unstructured. So, what does one look for in a web data extraction application?

1. Web Recorder Capability: If the software provides web recorder capabilities it becomes easy to record a web data extraction task instead of writing a automation script from scratch.
2. Easy to learn: The application should be easy to learn and user-friendly so that one can customize it within minutes. If it takes too long to learn, you will end up using it less and less.
3. Easy to edit the script: It is easy to read the recorded script and make small changes rather than re-recording the whole task.

What are the advantages of Web Data Extraction Services?

1. Extract URL, meta tags, text, emails, phone numbers, name, zip code, fax numbers to help you in web page promotions
2. Web Data Extraction Services enhance prospects for your business through quality leads & updated databases
3. Helps you to harvest better information in less time & efforts
4. Web Data scraping services are can be used or customized as per your information needs

Web Data Extraction applications solved this problem. These applications use Scripting language which makes it easily customizable with minor adjustments for all kinds of websites. Now, one does not need to be software professional to run a web data extraction program. You and I can run it too, it’s that easy.

John Johnson is experienced internet marketing consultant and writes articles on Data Entry India, Web Data Scraping,  Web Data Extraction, data entry, data processing, excel data entry, forms data entry, invoice data entry etc.

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