What Are The Major Consequences Of Over Masturbation?

Masturbation in a controlled manner is no doubt a healthy practice which helps in getting sexual, physical and mental satisfaction in absence of a partner. It also helps you in understanding your sexuality to a large extend and increases performance on bed but if it turns into over masturbation, it is very harmful and has lots of side effects.

So, it is important to understand what is over and what is normal. According to doctors, if it is done more than twice or thrice a week, it is not normal and needed to be controlled. The major consequence may be in form of:

a) Premature ejaculation,
b) Seminal leakage,
c) Bent male genital organ,
d) Testicular or groin pain,
e) Erectile dysfunction,
f) Impotency,
g) Lack of confidence,
h) Decline in performance during lovemaking
i) Desire for homosexuality,
j) Low sperm count,
k) Weak erection, etc.

So, its time to think and control the urge of it and if you are already facing these consequences then don’t worry. The following remedies will help out in recovering from these problems:

1. Shilajit: It is composed of metals, minerals and herbs. The metal components include gold, silver, iron, etc. These components provide adequate nutrient to the body which helps in increasing the energy level of the body. It acts on the parasympathetic nervous system and balances the hormonal level of the body by which the above consequences/side effects are treated.

2. NF Cure: It is also a herbal composition which comes in form of capsules. It can be used by people of all age groups and do not have any adverse effect. With the dosage of NF cure, healthy diet pattern should also be followed to maintain the nutrient level of the body and remove toxins. Some doctors also suggest to take Shilajit and NF cure together for instant and permanent effects.

3. Mast mood oil: It is a herbal oil which is used by massaging around the male genital organs. It repairs the damaged nerves and capillaries which are present in the skin of male genital organ. The damaged nerves and capillaries are caused due to high frequency of masturbation and are reason behind problems like weak erection, erectile dysfunction, shrinkage of genital organ etc. It is also helpful in increasing the length and girth of the male genital organ. It should be used once or twice per day for at least three to four months regularly for good effects.

Read about Over Masturbation Treatment. Also know Herbal Treatment for Over Masturbation.

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