What Is The Timeframe For ERP Software Implementation?

It is really hard to state any typical implementation timeframe for ERP software as there are many factors which need to be attended well and can cause delays in the process. However it is a fact that there is hardly an example where any company was able to implement ERP software before anticipated time or in lesser cost than expected. Implementation process of ERP is well known for crossing expected lines of time schedule and expanses. In case of small organization where implementation goes on smoothly without any hindrances and too much customization is not required the entire process may take months to complete. In case of large organization where lot of customization is required the implementation process can run in years. So, typical implementation timeframe for ERP software largely depends upon the size of the company and customization needed for matching it up with the working of the organization.

ERP implementation in large organizations having many offices and work locations at distant geographical locations takes lot of time compared to organization of similar size but confined to a particular region. The reason behind this is that it slows down the process of information gathering and increases volume of customization by many times. Such organizations have different processes and working pattern at different locations, all of these have to be integrated through single software ensuring smooth flow of information and also without disrupting the work flow, this makes task tedious and complex. Such situations make it very difficult to calculate typical implementation timeframe for ERP software.

Role of staff of the organization where ERP is getting implemented is very crucial and highly unpredictable and it can make any general formula providing typical implementation timeframe for ERP software unreal. When ERP is in the process of implementation the new system can create distrust amongst the staff and also insecurity, which most of the times leads to lack of cooperation. When consultants do not get proper response and information from the existing staff the entire implementation process slows down increasing its duration. In some cases lack of computer literate staff delays the implementation as they take lot of time to understand and use the new system.

Under prepared management is another factor which makes almost impossible to work out any typical implementation timeframe for ERP softwares. Purchasing and implementing ERP involves lot of money and also sometimes high risks. In such cases management takes too many precautions and lot of time before making any decision. Delays in decisions slow down implementation as ERP providing company cannot move ahead without receiving an approval from the management. Most of the time suggestions made by the consultants to replace old processes with new ones for better performance and some major changes in working style cause lot of confusion in the minds of people responsible for making decisions on behalf of ERP purchasing company. This happens when management has not done enough research and analysis before going for ERP implementation.

There can be various other issues like technical problems etc which have also been found responsible for delaying the process of implementation in many cases, chances of any of these problem creeping up makes time and cost calculation beforehand for ERP implementation extremely difficult.

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