What Is Your Choice Of Wood Flooring?

Are you going or deciding to remodel your home? Is there any one choice that you are going to plan wood flooring in any one of the room of your home? This kind of floor is much popular due to its look and feel, which you feel during its presence. However, there are number of choice for this kind of flooring and information, which can puzzle you, that what you choose, and what you leave.Here is some information about wood flooring. If you go to ideas of wood flooring then there are three choices of this kind of flooring. First, is solid hardwood, second choice of this flooring is engineered wood and the third one is laminate flooring. First type of wood flooring is the best one and here is some useful information about this kind of flooring. As its name is mentioning that this kind of wood floor consists of hard and solid wood from its top to bottom. It is same somewhat wood, which you can prepare, just straighten it without any kind of extra material. Therefore, general name of this kind of floor is “hardwood floor.” This wood floor is available in two states, one is unfinished, and second one is pre-finished.

Pre-finished wood for flooring is little costly than the unfinished wood of floor. An unfinished wood requires light sanding, sealing and staining (this depend upon choice of the person who is going to install this wood floor) right after installation. On the other hand, if you will purchase a pre-finished wood then there would be no need of doing all above process and you can walk on it right after its installation. While after installation of unfinished wood flooring, there are limited usages of it for you until you have not done all required things for it. After installation of unfinished wood floor, you have to wait at least two days so that sealant can dry and sometimes there is requirement of addition coating even after drying the sealant for unfinished wood flooring. However, main advantage of unfinished wood or wood floor is that you can stain, seal, and fix it according to your personal specifications.

While pre-finished type of wood floor has advantage of quick installation according to time. For hardwood floor bamboo are also very important and popular choice because they give a green and environmental friendly look and qualities. You need a wooden sub-floor on which you can nail hardwood floor. Contrary to all other types of wood flooring, you cannot nail hardwood floor directly on you existing floor of concrete or any other material. For installation and nailing down the floor there is need of professional, so always hire professional and expert in this field to install the floor. However if you think that you can do this on your own then you can, need is only that you follow all the instruction which you get with manual which is attached with the packet and kit of hardwood.Wood floor are prone to scratches and dents therefore proper maintenance and special attention is necessary for this kind of floor. Therefore, always buy material, which is best and according to your budget.

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