What Should Customers Notice About Linear Vibrating Screen?

The screening machine is used to separate the stuff. It is composed of main frame, screen web, electric motor, eccentric bock, rubber spring, and coupler and so on. We will offer suitable type according to your requirements. ZSG series of linear vibrating screens are widely applied to screen dry materials in building materials, water and power and light industry.

When the linear vibrating screen leaves from factory, we should check out it again. Then the vibrating separator get to the production place, we connect the equipment with the electric and it can used in the processing of production. But the customers screen the different materials, for the best result and ensure the working efficiency. When the linear vibrating screen has the first working, we need notice the following six aspects:

1, Linear vibrating screen bottom sit, although strong, but in order to guarantee the screen body in balance, must use bolt will stand firm on the bearing seat height difference before and after the same side, with one end (the end or discharge end) on both sides of the supporting plate in the same horizontal plane, the error is within 2 mm, namely the linear vibrating screen is in a state level.

2, This vibration screen grids is made of deformation smaller wood, for being used to keep the screen tension level, achieving normal screening. If the proportion of large or large output can use metal screen mesh in the machine, you need to pay attention to check whether the screen mesh is smooth.

3, Linear vibrating screen machine parts connection must be solid and reliable, all bolts shall not have any loose, parts shall not have any abnormal sound, sieve machine and vibrating part and the minimum clearance between surrounding fixation is 30-50 mm check the fuselage frame clamps screw locking.

4, This vibrating screen in the course of carriage, in order to increase its strength will add transport support rigidity, the user must first take the transportation support, before starting the work. Otherwise it will affect the vibration of the vibrating screen, can also lead to serious damage to the sand screeing machine.

5, Linear vibrating screen, different from round vibrating screen, commonly uses three-phase electricity, the power to correct connection, it is strictly prohibited to open phase running.

6, For the first time boot after watch material, according to sieve material dispatch path to what you need.

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