When Does Masturbation Go Beyond The Limit And How To Get Rid Of This Habit?

Masturbation is considered to be an activity of self satisfaction but when it crosses the limit some shocking side effects comes into existence. The side effects may include:

1. Mental imbalance
2. Addiction of it
3. Adverse effect on reproductive capability
4. Weak erection
5. Adverse from normal heterosexuality
6. Weakness
7. Testicular pain
8. Premature ejaculation leading to non-satisfaction in lovemaking
9. Seminal leakage, etc.

Whenever these side effects occur, one should be sure that the masturbation is going beyond limit and preventive steps should be taken. According to doctors, if it is done more than 2-3 times a week then it comes in the category of over. To get rid of this problem the following options can be opted:

a) NF Cure: It is a herbal supplement which comes in form of capsules. As it is composed of exotic herbs, it has no side effects and it acts quickly on the problems like weakness, weak erection, premature ejaculation testicular pain, seminal leakage etc. It has also the property to reduce the urge of masturbation. The dosage of NF cure capsules should be continued for 3-4 months for good and long lasting effects.

b) Shilajit: It is a drug composed from herbs, metals as well as minerals which have very surprising effect not only on sexual but also on normal health. It is said to be obtained from the rocks of Himalayas in form of liquid secretion and is then purified and treated for further consumption. Metals like gold, silver, iron etc. are used in it which increases the energy to double. The side effects mentioned above can easily be treated by the usage of Shilajit. NF cure and Shilajit, when taken together, show more impressive results.

c) Mast Mood Oil: It is a herbal oil which is consumed by massaging on the male genital organ. As it contains the formulation effective on the nerves and capillaries present on the skin of male genital organ, it shows rapid action in treating the side effects mentioned above. In case of small or medium sized male genital organ, it also helps in increasing its size and girth. It should be applied once or twice on the male genital organ for at least 3-4 months for good and impressive results. Delayed ejaculation can also be seen by its usage which increases the pleasure. When all these three products are used together rapid effect can be seen.

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