Which Foods Should I Avoid If I Am Suffering From Type 2 Diabetes?

In order to work out healthy and suitable diet plan to control blood sugar there are certain foods which you should avoid if you are suffering from type2 diabetes. Type2 diabetes occur due to insulin resistance, when we eat food the glucose obtained from the food is passed to the blood which after insulin activity gets stored in the cells of liver, fat and muscles, later body utilizes this glucose for energy production. But in people who suffer with type2 diabetes, either due to lesser amount of insulin, poor quality insulin or due to unknown reasons, their cells of fat, muscles and liver do not respond to insulin activity and does not store glucose.

This causes high glucose build-up in the blood as with every diet body receive more glucose which remains suspended in the blood. High glucose in the blood can harm blood vessels and nerves of the body and eventually any organ of the body. Eyes, heart, kidneys and digestive system are most vulnerable organs due to high blood sugar. If you have knowledge about foods which you should avoid if you are suffering with type2 diabetes, you can slow down or reduce sugar intake and avoid foods which promote insulin resistance in the body to promote better sugar metabolism and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Foods which are high on fat, sugar and carbohydrates need to be avoided strictly. Some of the foods which you should avoid if you are suffering from type2 diabetes are red meat, eggs, poultry products, whole milk and its product, white flour and its products, fruits with high glycemic index, vegetables like carrots, tea, coffee, potatoes, whole grain, breads, pasta, alcohol and dry fruits. These foods are either high on glycemic index or contain high fat, high carb content which raises sugar level and insulin resistance. High fiber and nutritious foods are the best for person having high blood sugar. By having knowledge about foods you should avoid if you are suffering with type2 diabetes, you can work out a suitable diet plan which works best for you.

Along with healthy diet taking support of Diabkil capsules is the best way to control type2 diabetes. These capsules contain highly effective herbs which improve body’s capacity to utilize sugar in the blood for energy production. This ability reduces sugar level in blood and also provides energy. Diabkil capsules also increase number of beta cells in pancreas, with higher number of beta cells pancreas can produce quality insulin in higher volume. This can reduce insulin resistance and promote better sugar metabolism.

Diabkil capsules also protect your overall health from ill-effects of high blood sugar. High glucose in the body raise cholesterol level Diabkil capsules maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, these also protect liver and kidney functions and keep digestive system in sound health. These benefits allow you to lead a healthy and normal life despite of type2 diabetes. These capsules also provide relief from other side effects of diabetes like weakness, fatigue, body ache, pain in legs, pruritis and polyuria. Due to herbal composition these are safe for prolonged use and suitable for person of any age.

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