while Mike should himself answer letters only fromacquaintances and friends

Jubal cautioned Jill that, while Mike should himself answer letters only fromacquaintances and friends, mail addressed to him was his to read if hewished.
The third morning after the category system had gone into effect Jill broughta letter, category .G, to Jubal. More than half of the ladies and other females(plus a few misguided males) who supplied this category included picturesalleged to be of themselves; some of these pictures left little to theimagination, as did the letters themselves in many cases-This letter enclosed a picture which managed not only to leave nothing to theimagination, but started over by stimulating fresh imaginings. Jill said, .Lookat this, Boss! I ask you!Jubal read the letter, then looked at the picture. .She seems to know whatshe wants. What does Mike think of it?.He hasnt seen it. Thats why I brought it to you.Jubal glanced again at the picture. .A type which, in my youth, we referred toas .stacked. Well, her sex is not in doubt, nor her agility. But why are youshowing it to me? Ive seen better, I assure you..But what should I do with it? The letter is bad enough … but that disgustingpicture-should I tear it up? Before Mike sees it?.Oh- Siddown, Nurse. What does it say on the envelope?.Nothing. Just the address and the return address..How does the monster headphone address read?.Huh? .Mr. Valentine Michael Smith, the Man from-.
.Oh. Then its not addressed to you..Why, no, of course-.
.Thats all I wanted to be sure of. Now lets get something straight. I am notMikes guardian. You are neither his mother nor his chaperon. Ive simply cooptedyou as his secretary. If Mike wants to read everything that comes inhere addressed to him, including third class junk mail, he is free to do so..Well, he does read almost all of those ads. But surely you dont want him tosee filth? Jubal, Mike doesnt know what the world is like. Hes innocent.
.So? How many men has he killed so far, Jill?Jill did not answer; she looked unhappy. Jubal went on: .If you want to helphim, you will concentrate on teaching him that casual killing monster beats is frowned on inthis society. Otherwise he is bound to be unpleasantly conspicuous when hegoes out into the world..Uh, I dont think he wants to .go out into the world..Well, Im damned well going to push him out of the nest as soon as I thinkhe can fly. He can come back later, if he wishesBut I shant make itpossible for him to live out his life here, as an arrested infant. For one thing, Icant even if I wanted to . . because Mike will probably outlive me by sixty orseventy years and this nest will be gone. But you are correct; Mike isinnocent our standards. Nurse, have you ever seen that sterile laboratory atNotre Dame?.No. Ive read about it..Healthiest animals in the world_hut they cant ever leave the cheap beats by dre laboratory.

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