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The most greatful basketball player Michael Jordan has been a legend whole the world. In the next year nike company will release the air jordans 2013 this new series model basketball shoes. There were many news about this new design basketball shoes, people were very expected for this model shoes. The latest news for the air jordans 2013 shoes it will be released in the spring in 2013. Many nike air jordan retro models were in the market. They were ready to welcome the nike air Jordan shoes coming. People also were waiting for the new model air jordan shoes 2013 in the next year.
From the first pair nike air jordan 1 shoes come into the public, people start to know this series basketball shoes. Michael Jordan has been recognized as one of the history of American basketball’s greatest players, the greatest world basketball players, basketball influential unprecedented, almost the same after no latecomers. Standing 198cm, the functional point guard, number is No. 23. March 19, 2010 – Michael Jordan, the successful acquisition of NBA Charlotte Bobcats, becoming the boss of the Bobcats. In 2013 he was 50 years old. The nike company will design one special model jordan basketball shoes for him. People will still remember every records he had made. He has got 6 times NBA Championship, 2 times Olympic champion, 3 times NBA MVP and etc. He won many honor in his basketball life. He will be all young basketball player idoi. The Red Bulls was Michael Jordan first NBA team. He lead this team got many champions. People will find in the early series nike air jordan shoes, the main colorways often would be the red black. Because the team jersey color of Red Bulls was the red black. People will still remember this basketball legend. www.2013airjordans.com.
Back the Jordan shoes, the nike released this model nike air jordan shoes 2013, not only this is one pair new model basketball shoes they would design and release, because the next year is 2013, Michael Jordan would be 50 years old. In this special year the nike need design one speical model basketball shoes for him. Then let’s wait for the air Jordan , whole the nike air jordan basketball shoes fans won’t be disappoint. That’s also one important models in the nike air jordans series. New model, new design and new technology for nike air Jordan shoes 2013. Just wait for them.

In the early 1984, Nike was a struggling shoes company that was trying to reinvent themselves by creating a new jordanshoes line to recover its appeal in the market. However, they lacked an effective marketing tool, compared with Adidas and Converse which cooperated with sports stars to promoting their products. Even though Michael Jordan was just a rookie in the NBA, Nike saw Michale Jordan as the “Golden Ticket” to their success and would like to sign him with a contract worthing 2.5 million dollar for five years, plus royalties and other fringe benefits. At the beginning, Michael Jordan was not attracted by the deal that Nike offerd, he more preferred to make the deal with either Adidas or Converse. It was his agent David Falk who saw the golden opportunity that Nike offered. After much persuasion from his agent and parents, Michael Jordan agreed to make deal with Nike, and a new basketball shoes oline Air Jordan Shoes 2013 was created.

Air Jordan 5 Glow In The Dark Black Varsity Red
Air Jordan 5 Glow In The Dark Black Varsity Red
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