Why ColdFusion

This is a debate that has gone on for a very long time now. I would like to take ColdFusion’s side today and see how it stacks up against and its advantages over other technologies in the web development space. ColdFusion is a web application development language, governed by Adobe (primarily developed by Allairs, which were acquired by Macromedia in 2001 and further, Macromedia got acquired by Adobe in 2005.


The ColdFusion community has been growing stronger despite the large market share captured by PHP due to it being free and open source. There seems to be a good presence of ColdFusion out there but somehow people using ColdFusion are finding it difficult to find developers easily to maintain their products. ColdFusion has its pros and cons and today I would like to look at how it can be used to your advantage.


  1. Easy to pick up – ColdFusion (CF) is much easier to learn since its simpler and cleaner than other programming languages. Since it bears a resemblance to HTML, a person with HTML person with a bit of OOP concept knowledge can pick it up easily.


  1. It is less intricate – CF’s syntax needs fewer lines that are more understandable which in turn saves time, lesser chance of an error and less details to review and correct. So a fewer lines of code compared to other technologies to perform a similar function.


  1. Better Error Handling – Programmers can create error handlers of their own choice incase their application fails. Having the ability to create their own error handlers, they can create custom messages for different situations and provide a better level of detail to the user of the application.


  1. Integration with Dreamweaver and Flash – Both Dreamweaver and CF being owned by Adobe, there are advantages of the benefits that the integration of these two will give you. You can insert CF code into Dreamweaver files easily and you can use its built-in editor to modify the code. CF also integrates wonderfully with Adobe’s flagship product, Flash.


  1. Cross Platform Compatibility – This has been one of the most attractive feature of using CF. It has a proven track record of its amazing cross platform compatibility.




CF has had its ups and down since it first came out, widely accepted and use during its initial years, then a fall in its popularity during its days with Macromedia and then slowly coming back with Adobe taking over. Now, I fell that it has found its feet and will definitely grow in the coming years because of it simplicity and extremely short learning curve despite it not being free.


Jeet Patel is a Senior Business Analyst at Etisbew Technology group a Software Development Company. He has done his MBA from Coventry University, UK.

Etisbew is Global Software Solutions Provider and has an impressive track record and expertise in the latest Coldfusion, Offshore Coldfusion, Coldfusion Outsourcing, Offshore Coldfusion Outsourcing, Coldfusion programming, Coldfusion Development.

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