Why Dell’s LTO2 Tape is The Leading System in Small Backup Industry?

Backup technology is something that every business requires nowadays. Since the development of cyberspace many companies, businesses and organizations are exposed to different kinds of threats from all over the world. Though cyberspace and the internet have made the world a smaller place, they are not as safe as one would think they are. Apart from technical threats, companies are also prone to dangers from people who try to take advantage of a weak security system and a mode of protection which lacks in some parts when it comes to hackers. Passwords can easily be decoded and what is worse is that in the world of today no one can be trusted. For all you know, that employee you trust so much could be the one hacking into your system, saving important files on to a USB flash drive and giving these files to someone else who may have promised them a handsome amount of money. No, this does not just happen in movies and television shows!

Besides the dramatic possibilities, anything could happen to data on your computers. A power outage may cause you to lose valuable information which you had to send to a client. You may forget what you had to type when the power is back. Hackers may try to break into your database to steal information regarding your products (old and new), details related to your company and material which may damage your company’s reputation to the extent that you may have to shut down your company. Again, this can and has happened many times but just because it is not publicized, that does not mean the possibility does not exist. After all, this is what hackers are good at- hacking computers from anywhere in the world, without you knowing about their activities.

So, how do you protect this information? Where do you store files and documents so that you can complete them later on? Your computer’s software? What if someone gains access to it without you knowing it or if a virus attacks your computer to the extent that everything stored on it is removed, erased or inaccessible? This is where you go for backup technology and devices such as the Dell’s second generation Linear Tape Open system. This solution has more than enough space for small companies to store important information on them. With 200 GB of native data and 400 GB of compressed data you can save information on it for up to 30 years.

The Dell LTO2 tape is available at very low costs. All you need is the durable Dell LTO ultrium tape and the intelligent drive, and you are good to go in the long run. Any company could store information on these compact and light tapes and preserve them away so that no one could get their hands on these tapes.

The best part about the Dell LTO backup technology is that there is a significant enhancement of speed, performance and security in the next generations along with a trouble free up-gradation path.

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