Why Do Some People Have Low Ejaculate Volume?

Every male likes to have a good amount of ejaculate volume, and a good force in it too. However, just like no two humans are the same, one must understand that the ejaculate volume and force between two people can also never be the same. Each person has different reasons for the way they ejaculate, or their particular volume.

In the modern day scenario, stress and nutritional deficiencies have been pointed out as two of the main reasons for leading to low ejaculate volume in men. Since the work environments these days are quite demanding, and people are always pressurized with endless work and countless deadlines, they are bound to be mentally and physically stressed out. As a result, neither are their bodies prepared for a good session of intercourse, nor are their minds. In fact, after a point, even the desire to have sex can start to fade away easily.

Nutritional deficiencies of course affect one’s body in a great way. Too much of dependency on junk food, and consumption of alcohol, along with smoking and drugs, ruins the body’s systems very badly. In a way, the body loses out all the natural stamina and health. And in such a scenario, there is no way that one’s sexual health can be maintained properly. In fact, stress and faulty diet patterns have causes and effects, which are interlinked to each other, and together, they cause a lot of damage.

Low ejaculate volume can not only be embarrassing for a person, but can also turn out to be a problem when the idea is to have healthy sex with your partner in order to make a baby. Of course, that stresses out a person even more, and can even cause relationship problems.

Then there is the obvious reason of advancing age for low ejaculate volume. However, it has been proven medically that those who have been eating healthy, and leading a healthy lifestyle all their life, manage to have good quantity even during their 90s!

Sometimes, when a person is undergoing medical treatment for a particular disease, the effect of medicines can cause a change in the body’s hormonal patterns, leading to low volume. In such cases, it is best to consult with a doctor.

The market these days has plenty of herbal supplements available for people to consume and get rid of this problem. Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules are one of the best combinations of herbal supplements that are highly beneficial in improving sperm count, semen volume and male fertility. However, they will only be effective, if people also follow a healthy lifestyle along with it.

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