Why Small Companies Go For Quantum’s DDS 4 Backup Tapes

The entire world communicates with one another in one way or another. There are more than one ways of communicating with one another nowadays because of technological advancements, technological devices and cyberspace. Cyberspace has made the world smaller and it has contributed a lot to globalization. Businesses can now interact with one another regardless of their location, boundaries and/or their fields. Companies working in different fields can now collaborate with one another to come up with an idea that is beneficial to all participants because of cyberspace. Having said that, cyberspace is not without its faults. Online networks expose computer software to a number of external and internal threats such as viruses and hackers. Hackers can easily use such a network to their advantage and retrieve important information from anyone’s database. Offline networks are not immune to such threats either. Just because one goes “offline” that does not mean that the computer cannot be affected.

Even anti-virus software would not suffice because this merely protects computers from viruses that are already known to exist- new viruses can always be made and launched into another’s computer. Viruses can also affect the hardware and ruin anything and everything stored on a computer. This is why it is important to save documents and files on to a device that would allow businesses to retrieve information if anything should happen to their database. The answer to this problem is backup technology which would give businesses an alternative medium on which they can store important information so that if anything happens to the database, the information is safely stored and kept on these devices. Many companies have come up with such devices and the DDS tape is one such device. Quantum has come up with generations of the DDS tapes and one such development is the DDS 4 tape system.

This tape has a storage capacity of 40 gigabytes. Such a massive storage capacity would give companies more than enough space on which to store files of all sizes for a long time. These tapes are also long-lasting and have a long archival life which means that companies can use these for a very long time. They are light and so, in case an employer or employee is travelling and/or going to a meeting, the tape can always be carried around too. These compact tapes are quite useful for such purpose. Quantum DDS-4 drive has backward compatibility and so, this makes the DDS-4 compatible with previous generations of the DDS tapes that are DDS 3, 2 and 1. Information on previous tapes can be over-written and stored on to one DDS-4 tape rather than on several DDS tapes which would be inclusive of older generations, too.

In order to be able to retrieve information saved in the Quantum DDS-4 tape one must have the Quantum DDS-4 tapedrive which would read the information on the tape. This tapedrive comes with 40 GB storage capacity providing companies with additional storage space so that if anything happens to the tape, the tapedrive can always be used to retrieve information.

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