Why to Change Rooftops of Your Home

So you need a new roof and are trying to choose whether or not to try to low price by having the new roofing set up over a current part of the roof structure. This strategy is quite typical in many places and many roofers don’t see any problem with this technique and have no problem trying to offer property owners on a layover or go-over as this strategy is known as. Top Factors a Layover Or Go-Over Is A Bad Concept When Re-Roofing. Areas that have or had leaking can’t always be resolved properly There is an excellent possibility that your old roofing had some problem areas such as possible flow areas, whether you observed them or not. Obviously if your roofer is only doing a layover roof structure sets up then these rotten places will stay protected up and only get more intense as the years go on. Also the claws positioning down the roof shingles in places with rotten wooden cannot effectively do their job and you have a greater chance of roof shingles ruining off in those places.

This is especially important in chillier environments like Boston, where we are situated. Next they need to implement a 3 base large area of ice & water hurdle around the advantage as well as in any valleys on your roofing. On a layover kind of roof structure set up, the roofer is depending on the current items on the household’s roofing to still be up to par and be able to deal with winter period circumstances. All too often the old items are unsuccessful whether it was because they have outlived their lifetime, were sub-par to start with, or maybe they were never there to start with (all too often the latter is the situation with ice & water barrier). Additional roof structure bodyweight is no excellent for old rafters one of the most apparent issues with a layover re-roof is the included bodyweight of the other part of roof shingles. In more recent homes this is not a problem, however many mature homes have rafters that are regarded small by modern mounting requirements.

It is not unusual to see 2×6 rafter techniques on many of these homes. Now in most circumstances a 2×6 rafter is small to start with and you certainly don’t want to be including the body weight of a new roof structure part on top of an old roof structure part to these already small rafter techniques. With more recent rooftops using 2×10, 2×12, designed trusses, etc. the bodyweight isn’t always as much of a problem. Reduced roofing life expectancy most accountable roofer acknowledges that layover roofing will reduce the new roof’s lifetime by about 25%. This reality alone indicates that any cash you might have stored by doing a lay-over, in contrast to a tear-off and new roofing set up, was only temporary benefits. We always suggest absolutely shredding of the old roof structure, restoring any actual issues, then setting up a clean, wonderful new roofing that will last longer than any layover roofing as well as better secure our clients’ homes.

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