Why Web-based ERP Is More Ideal Than Server Based Solutions?

There are many reasons which make web-based ERP more ideal than server based solutions. Server based solutions require implementation of ERP at the client site which includes its customization too, this does not mean that web-based ERP does not require any customization and can be used by everyone as it is but cost and time involved in web-based ERP is much less than server based solutions. For server based solutions client needs to install server, operating systems, purchase licenses, install hardware etc, this can utilize valuable funds of the company substantially, apart from this, third party involvement is also necessary for implementing the server based ERP solution. The role of third party in the form of consultants is very crucial and also increases chances of failure.

On the other hand web-based ERP solutions can be analyzed by the management of the client company and changes can be suggested to the ERP vendor to make it usable, this takes lesser time, lower expenses and low risk of failure. Even in case of wrong selection all management needs to do is cancel the agreement whereas in case of server based solutions the investment is so high that client most of the time cannot take a decision whether to terminate the implementation or keep going ahead with it. Lesser expenses, time and risk are major factors which make web ERP more ideal than server based solutions.

Accessibility is another factor which makes web ERP more ideal than server based solutions. ERP is all about availability of accurate and updated information in real time. But people working in the field may not get this valuable information when they need most in case of server based solutions, for e.g. sales people may need some information at the time of closing a deal which they may not get as they cannot access their company’s server. But in case of web-based ERP anyone with legitimate login id and password can access the data, get answers to queries and take orders from wherever internet is working. Easy accessibility makes web-based ERP more ideal than other solutions.

The web-based ERP is not only beneficial for people working in the organization but also for improving relationship with customers, partners and suppliers. Web-based solution opens gates for latest way of doing business through e-commerce, on self service portals customers can login to purchase, inquire, lodge a complaint and demand service etc very conveniently. These portals also contain information for suppliers and partners and anyone can access these with a simple internet connection. By this company can increase its reach and also its availability which works very well for increasing its turnover and profit margins. These benefits make web-based ERP more ideal than other solutions.

Up-gradation and data security are other features which make web-based ERP more ideal than other solutions. The server based solutions require more time and money for up-gradation and also data security is responsibility of the customer. But in case of web-based ERP data is secured by the vendor who has latest technology and highly capable professionals to do the job and also customer can easily get upgrades at a very low cost.

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