Why You Need Professional Shredding Service in Orange County

California law requires you to securely dispose of your company’s confidential materials. You will find many companies offering professional shredding service in Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area, as well as companies carrying out document destruction in San Diego and other major commercial areas in Southern California. Every company that handles sensitive information should hire professional shredding services to dispose of their files.

Why should you shred your files?

Simply throwing out your confidential files, CDs, prototypes, and other office materials puts your sensitive and private information in danger. Your own information or your clients’ information may fall into the wrong hands. Criminals often go dumpster diving, seeking out documents they can use for identity fraud. Even if you threw these files out, the law will still hold you responsible for any damage caused by your documents.

Shredding files is a good way of disposing your unwanted files in a safe and secure way. You can get the shredded pieces and take them to a certified recycling plant. This will ensure that dumpster divers will not get your documents. You can avoid lawsuits and keep your clients’ information safe.

What documents should you shred?

The law requires you to get rid of specific types of documents through a professional shredder. Some examples are files falling under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). You should also destroy any materials that reveal your company’s secrets to success, as well as compromise your business and your employees’ personal information.

Generally, you should destroy any document that contains personal information. This includes pin codes, medical records, loan documents, social security numbers, and credit information to name a few. Professional shredders also destroy materials other than paper. These include CDs, hard drives, computer backups, tapes, and credit cards. You should destroy any portable material that contains private or sensitive information.

Why should you hire professional shredding services?

Large companies use these services simply because they have a huge amount of documents they need to destroy. Smaller and medium-sized companies, on the other hand, may not see an urgent need to outsource shredders. What you may not realize is you should hire professional shredders regardless of whether you’re a growing company or a large-scale enterprise.

Every professional shredding service in Orange County, San Diego, and other parts of Southern California has experience in securely destroying your confidential files and other office materials. They understand California laws thoroughly. This helps them develop procedures that follow California law standards. They have advanced equipment that shreds your documents faster. Buying an in-house shredder costs more money and will take much longer than using professional shredding services.

Some companies specializing in document destruction in San Diego and other parts of Southern California also promote sustainability. They deliver destroyed files and materials to local certified recycling plants for reuse. Not only will you clear out your office, but you will also help the environment.

David Ham is a company owner who has tried using a shredding service Orange County offers and now uses document destruction San Diego offers.

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