with his next to jackets brand the third floor

There are few things or what thing can let ZhouQian shocked, but today, no, is now, and she has shocked more than once, the first is to see each other off strong battle force, the second is his mouth is talking about gene canada goose parka cultivation theory. Dear, if not ears hear, ZhouQian can doubt yourself side is a fighter guru or Mars, some of his mouth of uniting the theory, ZhouQian havent heard. “You…… who are you?” ZhouQian look very serious inquiry, just leaves open talk about have involved some of the big family of the forces of the confidential information, she now suspect this guy will a hidden super strength training out of genius. “I said I’m ghost, do you believe?” “Ghost?” ZhouQian look a stay, heard the word canada goose parka thinking haven’t to remember reaction, saw blade open full of smile face, could not help but eye stare to hatred. “Ha ha, joke ease next atmosphere.” Leaf open hurriedly dozen turnoff. Looking at the leaf open figure, ZhouQian scepticism this guy is definitely a home power train out of the elite, but when she how beat around the bush, always will be no marginal changes. If ZhouQian know, now she was faced with a through eternal soul, and a live tens of years jackets brand old devil, she will think you lose not cause. However she didn’t know, in the heart but the curious, ZhouQian decision, has the opportunity, definitely have to chicken old ask this guy’s identity, or she will be to sleep. The second day, leaf open spirit gas cool came to the blue ocean institute, once again open the ZhouQian office, two people have been talking about yesterday, so report very smoothly. Brief introduction the blue ocean college’s basic situation and, with his next to jackets brand the third floor, walk into an office.


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