Wonderland in my dream

        The little girls usually believe in fairy tales and always wish them be like beautiful princesses. They also believe that fairies are true in the real life. And when you think like that, you will see how beautiful this life is!

        I like fairy tales and dress up games, actually, games for girls such as, coloring for animal, dressing up for cartoon characters or fairies. I love them so much. I’m allowed to play games 30 minutes everyday and I’ m very satisfied with this because with this amount of time, I have enough o discover almost new games in the websites about dress up games. Besides, my mother knows that I love fairy tales very much, I love all things relating to it; so she usually buy comic books or fairy tales when we go to the book store or sometimes takes me to the movie theater to see the new cartoons. She also usually tells stories for me before I fall asleep and the beautiful images always goes following my sleep. In my dream, I usually go to a wonderland like Alice. Characters in the fairy tales and games all appear there.

        I have a small beautiful house with a big garden which has full of colorful flower and cute pretty small animals like rabbits, little bears, squirrels, etc. They all are my friends. They can speak to me so they tell me a lot of strange and adventure stories which they experience everyday. That makes me interesting is their color change and the person can do that is me. I will change their color following my interests everyday by a magic color box. I can decorate and draw full of color for each animal as I did in coloring games. That’s very amazing, they will tell me that they like which color.

        In my dream, I can fly. I fly to Tinker Bell’s house and Peter Pan’s house. Their houses are in the big tree. They are small but very unique. In Tinker Bell’ house, there are many unique and strange things made by her. She gifts me a flower which can be used as a door bell and a light. She shows me a coloring machine for animals or a spoon with a plate in another side, etc. In turn, I make new clothes for her as gifts. I have a magic pencil, when I draw any styles of clothes, they will become the real ones. Most of outfits I gift Tinker are taken from the dress game about her. I like this game so much and I have ever wished that I would have change to gift her. And I can do it, in my wonderland. And Peter, he usually tells me about his adventures. He also promises that next time, he will take me to go with him.

        Suddenly, my mother calls me to wake up, however, I still want to dream about my wonderland and my friends. I will meet them again tonight. I usually tell about my dream for my classmates, they really like it. We also often share the new dress up games or fairy tales for each other and we also believe that a wonderland will have in the real life.

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