Woolrich Men’s Arctic Parka master elder brother and master

That young man said he deliberately disdain see several enlightenment ink eye side put long HeiBang. What! Hear that young man enlightenment ink dare so talk, but also laughed at he is black bear, it’s not clear is a provocative yao. Enlightenment ink is what person, in addition to admire his Woolrich Men’s Arctic Parka master elder brother and master them, and other small minions as long as dare to offend yourself, won’t have what good result, as long as will eat his own a big stick. Say, perceptive ink a boxing is toward the boy on the forehead to fight in the past, boxing disease such as wind. See that guy mouth after low, right index finger and middle finger and together, rapid in chest struck, suddenly, a sound drink like a fish, heaven and Woolrich Women’s Arctic Parka earth! Prevent! Enlightenment ink fist heavy blow in the blue coat young man’s mind, but a very strange thing happened. The blue coat strength with young man’s forehead seems very soft, unexpectedly with the fist deep in the bottom go to, at the moment of enlightenment ink, very surprised, suddenly want to withdraw his fist, but his fist as if in deep mire, no matter how hard can’t pull out. Is a magic! Zhaoyun shock looked at the scene, according to legend Woolrich Men’s Arctic Parka river lake top spread of illusion and spell, these magic spells and can through the spell and some special means can be cast out, and can match fairy from the body of a magic and spells, but with one thing different, fairy spells and these spell the difference between a fairy spell is to rely on the body’s energy into transformation come out, but this kind of earth spell is to use the external force, the use of people only Woolrich Women’s Arctic Parka need to master the skills can be. Of course, although say to rival, can only say that is on the surface or exterior effect, in the actual energy size is one day sent to the other. As enlightenment ink are struggling to want to pull out the fist, the blue clothes strength loading guy right hand again in a print, it seems, he still wants to give enlightenment ink a lesson. Enlightenment ink is not fool, in pretends to pull out timberland jackets the fist, another hand has quietly grasp to the black big stick.  hm520pp20121101

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