Work principle and performance

Sand is the use of high-speed movement of mutual self- material crushing and grinding friction between the material and therefore particularly suitable for hard , coarse crushing and fine crushing of hard and abrasive materials. The machine used in iron ore, copper ore , gold ore , molybdenum ore , lead-zinc ore , tungsten ore , manganese ore, glass raw materials, refractories, ceramics, building sand corundum , talc, olivine , rock salt , firefly stone, limestone and silicon carbide slag hundreds of highly abrasive material crushing operations . This machine is an energy and materials efficient crushing equipment.

Sand feed particle size of the largest particle size of the machine must be specified technical performance parameters, particle size greater than the specified prohibited materials into the crusher. Maximum water crushed material was 20% or less, usually by washing machine out of the ore directly into the crusher. Crusher product size and the material properties and ore feed size related, friable ore, feed size For small particle size of their products pass rate is higher, and vice versa low, changing the impeller speed, particle size can also be adjusted. When broken discharge product size is not greater than 10mm, its pass rate of 60-90%, in order to ensure product particle size passing rate of 100%.Ball mills for sale south Africa

Work principle and performance

Sand into feeding mode . Overflow feed , feed impeller same granularity. Such material situation to the next , to the amount of material into the impeller reaches full load operation ( ie all motor power play ) , when further increasing the feed on the outside of the overflow into the impeller whirl crushing cavity . Waterfall falling into the material feed size greater than when the second wheel feed size , they need to feed from two feed ports respectively .

Barite mineral grinding machine

Sand ‘s how to solve the noise problem

We all know that we use equipment that they will encounter the same problem is too much noise . While noise is inevitable, but we can control is to reduce the noise decibels, Sand is the same. Currently our company for this type of problem for corrections . Sand in the crush ordinary materials can produce a strong vibration and noise, noise up to about 100 ~ 115dB (A ] , the operation of workers and environmental hazards around a lot , in order to completely control the new Sand noise problems , it is necessary Find the root of the production process from the source and the friction of the problem easy to solve the problem from the source to the crux .

Stone crusher manufacturers in India

New Sand after rectification measures to control the use of engineering new Sand crushed material in the noise generated by the output control noise transmission and reception, people are required to get the acoustic environment is new Sand noise control . Hongxing mining equipment company is a professional manufacturer of Sand , sand making equipment production model specifications, and affordable, to provide users with sand making equipment and related parts, can provide users based on the user’s requirements for free installation, commissioning and trial production and other production processes, sand making production line to ensure the efficient functioning of production to meet the modern requirements of high-volume supply of high quality sand and gravel materials.

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