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In fact, ruby guessed the faint of his to what she says, but that where that easy. According to ZhuShi parlance, the first failure of marriage has let her spirit some abnormal; She is really didn’t have the courage to try a second time. If this time she still do bad, YeZhongE won’t have any feelings for her. Michael Kors Shoes That time, xw880cc20120806 she is nothing, and back then, why live? YeZhongE marcel began to wear clothes, ruby in the closet of also turn clothes, as had previously used like that. Just than previous, a little bit with some changes, they bowed, silent, will not willing to see each other’s eyes, has been to before going out, two people are not say a word. At lunch, ruby of carefully with DengMu China will go to public security bureau said his afternoon, can you please a holiday? The eyebrows DengMu China a knot, staring michael kors bags at her a long time, party sighed, and said, go back, paused, and he said, qing ning open to you the blood of medicine, you didn’t eat, face white as what appearance, you good rest, or I give you a long vacation? Ruby of a beat: “the teacher elder sister, I know that often leave is not easy, yesterday I wanted to think,If people have an opinion, that I can resign. ” DengMu China put her eyes with one eye: “resign? You did a good job, resigned as what?” Ruby up xw880cc20120806 the eyes cheap michael kors of on her: “the teacher elder sister, thank you.” Her eyes suddenly a light, the eyes sparkling

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